Hanami(Cherry blossom viewing) party in Obara town

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What we'll do

Cherry blossom viewing is one of the events that Japanese people look forward to the most in a year.
This tour is designed to give everyone a chance to experience the Japanese way of Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) while viewing the seasonal cherry blossoms and autumn leaves blooming in Obara Town.
It would be great if you could enjoy Hanami while having some drinks and snacks.
It is designed to make everyone feel the charm of Hanami.


Jan 19 2021

The tour was really enjoyable and eye opening! It was presented by students who made short skits of the cherry blossoms in Japan and shared a little more about their food, culture and common practices. I was thoroughly impressed by the dedication and hardwork that was put into the planning and production. The videos were colourful and thoughtful as there were English captions that helped to make the information easier to process. Furthermore, the moderator and host were super friendly and encouraged us to speak freely. Whenever we have any comments or questions, they are always ready to answer our queries. I look forward to more amazing tours and interactions from them!

Jan 20 2021

Prior to going for this virtual tour, I have only heard that Cherry Blossom in Japan is a very beautiful scene but it last for only a very short while, there may even be a chance where you could book your ticket there but the cherry does not blossom. Therefore, the past few years, my Japan trips have mainly been going to temples, shrines and food streets. However, after the virtual tour today, I found out that the Cherry blossoms 4 times year, furthermore in the city of Toyota, the beautiful scene exist multiple times in a year. On top of which, I was introduced to the Hanami where at first glance was just a basic picnic. After knowing the significance of the Hanami where it is to take things slower and relax, spend time with your loved ones and friends, it really made me reflect on my own daily living. Here in Singapore, we lead a very fast-paced competitive life which makes taking things slowly quite hard to achieve. This tour really helped me to calm down from my normal hectic lifestyle and actually just spend time with friends with some comfort food. If there was one thing to improve for this tour, it would be the video quality whereby the English subtitles could be standardised at one side of the video and not be floating everywhere. Overall, an enjoyable experience.

Jan 20 2021

Through this tour, I learnt a lot more about cherry blossoms and the culture of hanami! In particular, this tour has spurred my desire to go to Toyota City to see their autumn foliage and cherry blossoms, and I would definitely want to go there when the Covid-19 situation has stabalised. The tour was interactive and the students engaged us in their discussions about various topics throughout the tour. I also got to know a little more about Japanese food that are not commonly eaten in Singapore, such as dango and mikan. As such, while more elaboration could have been made on the topic of Japanese food eaten in a hanami party, the tour was overall an enriching and fun experience!


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  1. 1
    What are cherry blossoms and autumn leaves?

    Here is a basic explanation of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves that most Japanese people know about.

  2. 2
    Four Shikizakura in Obara, Toyota City

    I'll explain about the Four Season Cherry Blossoms(Shikizakura), which bloom in seasons other than spring a year!

  3. 3
    About Fall Foliage Viewing

    The following is an explanation of the different types of autumn leaves and their origins, which are as popular as cherry blossom viewing.

  4. 4
    About Cherry Blossom Viewing

    This section explains the history of hanami and how it differs from autumn leaf viewing.

  5. 5
    How to do Hanami

    This section will introduce Hanami lunch boxes and explain how to prepare for Hanami.

  6. 6
    Break time

    Take a break for a few minutes and have drinks and food ready during that time.

  7. 7
    Online Hanami Party

    We'll have an online hanami party with food and drinks!

  8. 8
    Summary of the day

    What I wanted to convey through this event!


YOSAKOI dancer

Hello everyone! My name is Yuta. Please call me Yuta! I'm 22 years old and I belong to a yosakoi circle at university. Yosakoi is a Japanese culture in which many dancers in costumes gather to create a single performance. I have performed yosakoi for many people at yosakoi festivals held all over Japan. I would be happy if you could learn more about the charms of Japan through this teaser trip.

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