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What we'll do

Hi This time, I'm going to introduce you to an eccentric store in Japan. The name of the place is "Cafe Mountain". This place is not your average cafe. Like the challenge of the tour title, you need to be prepared to eat up! This time, I will tell you not only about the food, but also about the actual experience of eating it. If you're interested, please join us!


Jan 14 2021

This tour was highly informative and it was effective in its visuals. Many images are used to add greater depth into the surrealism of the tour, reinforced, by videos such as the interview with the cafe's owner. The language barrier was also negligible, thanks in part to our translator, Rachel, who was highly proficient and adept at getting our intentions across in Japanese. The tour's greatest strength, however, lies in the student tour guides. Their passion in their presentation, alongside their enthusiasm in making the interaction two-sided was engaging and effective in breaking the ice rapidly. They were very intuitive and willing to listen to our opinions and experience in Singapore as well, which elevates the tour one step further, into an exchange of cultures and knowledge. I would highly recommend this tour for other people, not only to know better about this specific cafe, but Japanese food beyond.

Jan 15 2021

This was a really great tour about Cafe Mountain! The tour guides showed us many pictures of delicious dishes that were taken with a lot of effort. The tour guides took turns presenting and used clear and precise English, as well as slides that had English annotations. This made it easy to understand and engaging as they also took the time to ask the participants questions and find out about what other food we liked and what Singapore had to offer. Through this tour, we really were exposed to a whole variety of food, from kiwi pastas to spicy mango desserts, which we would never encounter in our little island of Singapore. Being a foodie, this made the tour really interesting and worth it to me! The tour guides were also extremely friendly and approachable and open to constructive feedback, and made efforts to befriend us. Overall, I would definitely subscribe to this tour again!


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  1. 1

    First, we headed to Cafe Mountain.
    Let's think together about what Japanese cuisine is.

  2. 2
    Meet the food at Cafe Mountain.

    Finally, the food comes out.
    Here is a partial list of the menu at Cafe Mountain.

  3. 3
    Interview with the owner of Coffee Mountain

    interviewed the owner of Cafe Mountain. Find out the secrets to creating unique dishes.


I love Japanese rice

Hi! I'm Kosuke. I'm a student at Aichi Shukutoku University. I like listening to music. My favorite band is called American Football. The band was scheduled to perform in Japan last year. but it was postponed due to the corona. I hope to see that band this year. This time here are some of my favorite japanese places to eat ! I want to talk to you all!

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