Let's enjoy Japanese Soul Food "Miso"

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“Miso” is a very popular fermented food in Japan. Aichi-prefecture is the most famous area a lot of people is a nuts in Miso! We will guide you to the very traditional Miso factory in Aichi, and introduce you the recipe of very delicious Miso dip. We will happy if you could prepare Miso in advance of the online trip, so we will experience the Miso party together.


Jan 14 2021

The virtual tour was very interesting, and I learnt a lot about miso! In particular, I never knew that making miso is such a long process, and I have gained newfound appreciation for those who dedicate themselves to the craft. In addition, as I have previously had little exposure to miso besides miso soup, I also learnt different ways that miso can be eaten and prepared. After this virtual tour, I look forward to trying the various types of miso from different prefectures when I get the chance to go to Japan again. Overall, the tour was very interactive and allowed for ample time to answer any questions we had. Although some parts of the video quality could be improved, the tour was clear and engaging in their explanation of how miso is made. As such, I enjoyed this virtual tour and would like to take part in similar tours in future!


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  1. 1
    Why do Aichi Prefecture residents love Miso?

    Find out why Aichi Prefecture residents love Miso. We also enjoy an easy quiz about Miso.

  2. 2
    Let's go see a Miso factory

    We will guide you traditional Miso factory in Aichi Prefecture.

  3. 3
    Very easy recipe of Miso dip

    We will introduce you a delicious Miso dip! Let’s make together if you could prepare Miso at Japanese food market.

  4. 4
    Miso Party

    Let's have a party with tasting Miso dip! If it would be difficult to prepare Miso for your own, please bring any dip you could. It is great to taste begetable and snacks with Miso or any other dip together.


Sports lovers

Hi! My name is Ryunosuke, please call me Ryu. I’m a university student in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Love enjoying delicious food and watching movies. I’m very interested in meeting a lot of person in the world on the online trip.

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