What is Miso? ~Let’s make Miso sauce with us~

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What do you know about "miso"? Miso is one of the essential seasonings in Japanese cuisine. Miso soup is one of the most famous Japanese dishes abroad, and is one of the most common dishes in Japan.
Miso is the ingredient used in this traditional dish.
Why don't you learn more about this fascinating seasoning?
Let us introduce you to the charm of miso from Aichi Prefecture, the place where miso is most loved in Japan.


Jan 14 2021

This virtual tour was really an eye opening experience for me both in the aspect of changing my impression of virtual tours and also my impression of Miso. Prior to this tour, I have rarely attended much virtual tours as I feel that it would not be as engaging and may not really be a point to pay just to look at pictures and videos. I could easily go to Google or Youtube and they are readily available. However, this Miso virtual tour not just provided an insight to the origins and manufacturing process of Miso, but also the inclusion of industry experts in the zoom call to answer our doubts and queries. Moreover, the facilitators were engaging throughout the tour and allowed us to maximise our experience. One thing that specially stands out to me was the different ways Miso can be consumed as in Singapore we are used to just having Miso soup. Seeing them dip bread into the Miso paste was shocking at first and I was further amazed at the many other ways we could consume Miso and the many varieties to Miso. Overall a very pleasant experience.


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  1. 1
    Why do Aichi Prefecture residents love miso?

    Find out why Aichi Prefecture residents love miso. We also have a quiz about miso.

  2. 2
    Let's go see a miso brewery

    We will show you the places called "miso kura" where miso is made in Aichi Prefecture.

  3. 3
    Let's try making miso.

    We will actually try making miso to add to food. Easy to make and delicious!

  4. 4
    Miso Party

    Let's have a party where we dip the miso we made into the ingredients! Let's have fun with all the participants.


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