~Handa,The city of SAKE~

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What we'll do

Have you tasted Japanese SAKE?
SAKE is made from rice and it taste nice with sweet taste.
We will guide you to the city Handa, it is famous for Japanese SAKE burewery.

In this tour,we will introduce you a world of Japanese SAKE!
① The history of SAKE in Handa city
② How to make SAKE in brewery
③ Recipes of tasty food and SAKE cocktail
If you join this tour,you will be captivted by SAKE!


Jan 19 2021

Awesome tour. They were really well prepared with videos and slides to help me understand about Japan's sake (rice wine) making.
I've learnt alot of things (eg. sake mixed with milk and that sake can be used to beautify skins) and they even offered us to tour us around aichi prefecture when we go there.
The tour's greatest strength lies in the student tour guides. Their passion in their presentation, alongside their enthusiasm in making the interaction two-sided was engaging and effective in breaking the ice rapidly. They were very intuitive and willing to listen to our opinions and experience in Singapore as well, which elevates the tour one step further, into an exchange of cultures and knowledge. I would highly recommend this tour for other people, not only to know better about this sake factory, but Japanese culturues beyond.

Jan 19 2021

A very informative and interesting tour which helped me to understand Japanese culture, especially with regards to sake brewery better. I have never been to Japan previously but the hosts were very friendly and interactive, encouraging us to particpate in the various quizzes and sharing more about their own experiences. It was eye-opening and I am now more interested to travel to Japan in future. The content of the tour was engaging as well because it shared about the various sake brewery process and history behind it, making it more indepth as I am hearing it firsthand from the hosts. In addition, the hosts shared interesting sake recipes that we can try to replicate at home to share with our friends! I especially liked the milk + cocktail sake as I have never tried this combination before. Recommended tour!


Price per person
Max participants
Up to 10 people
Hosted in English
Communication tools
Please download Zoom in advance.
Best for enjoying Japan
Things you need to know before the tour

Notice: Please prepare any drink before joining our tour. In the end of tour, we would be happy having online drink party and talk about how you have enjoy participating this tour. If you possible, prepare sake and milk.

-The organizer will send an informational email to those who have purchased tickets via the email address registered on the WOW U website by the day preceding the tour.
-Reception will begin five minutes before the start of the online tour.
-We will not be able to receive contact messages after the start time.
-Zoom will be used for this online tour. Personal computers and smartphones can be used to participate, but when using a smartphone, please be sure to download the Zoom application in advance.
-Please make sure that your microphone is off and your camera is on during the tour.


  1. 1
    Introduce oneself together

    At first,we will explain our online tour.
    And let’s intoroduceeach other.

  2. 2

    Let’s drink together,and we introduce you Handa city where is famous for SAKE.

  3. 3
    About the history of SAKE in Handa city

    We will tell you about SAKE that has been made for over 200 years.
    And we also tell you how to make SAKE in Brewry.

  4. 4
    Amazing recipes of SAKE cocktail

    SAKE is delicious in any arrangement so we will introduce arrangement recipes how to make a good drink.

  5. 5
    Online drinking party

    Let’s drinking together!


Powerful girl who loves sports.

Hi! I’m Kanako. I am an undergraduate student. I like excersise, having experienced swimming, cheerleading, and athletics. I’m belonging to the “ Yosakoi” club at university,which is a traditional Japanese dance. We dance with very traditional Japanese folk song, but the choreography and costumes are very modern. I have performed Yosakoi in Taiwan before. If you like dancing or can teach me your country's dance, I’m very happy to share the experience with you!

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