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This is the recommended tour if you are interested in Aomori culture. A nationally-licensed English speaking tour guide will guide you to unique sightseeing spots.
Seiryuji Buddhist Temple is located in suburb of Aomori city. This temple consists of Main Hall, five-story pagoda, dry landscape garden, Great Buddha and so on. Great Buddha called Showa Daibutsu is about 21m tall and is Japan's largest seated bronze statue of Buddha, even larger than one of Nara or Kamakura. You can get inside of it. This place is so peaceful to walk around and take some pictures.
After the temple, you can enjoy fresh seafood and traditional local dishes made from seasonal ingredients at the restaurant next to the Fresh Market. It also provides some kinds of local sake.
Next, we'll head to "Nebuta house Warasse", the museum of one of the biggest summer festivals in Japan. The latest prize-winning big lantern floats are displayed there. You can listen to the festival music live performance played on traditional Japanese instruments if the timing is right.

Meeting Place

The guide will meet you at the ticket gate of Aomori Station.


Price per person (tax included)
8,800 JPY - / person
Max participants
Up to 8 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

The tour fee does not include transport expenses, admission fees and meals/drinks.
The starting time of the tour and the itinerary can be customized.
Recommend comfortable shoes.


  1. 1
    Seiryuji Temple ~Buddha statue and Pagoda~

    Seiryuji Temple was built in 1982, relatively new. The temple grounds and buildings are combined with beautiful nature. You can see a dry landscape garden, which is a unique Japanese style garden and characterized by carefully arranged rocks and raked gravel. It helps you forget daily hustle & bustle and have a peaceful moment.
    The 5-story wooden pagoda next to the garden is about 39m tall. It's made of Japanese Hiba cypress trees grown in Aomori. It's my recommendation to see these garden and pagoda from the Main Hall veranda.
    After the pagoda and some statues, you can meet the gigantic Buddha statue called Showa Daibutsu. It reaches up to about 21m, and is the largest seated bronze Buddha statue in Japan. It is taller than the Great Buddha in Nara and Kamakura. Inside of Showa Daibutsu, there is a Buddha museum.
    You can buy lucky charms, wooden votive tablets, Buddhism-related books, a fortune slip and so on at the Main Hall.
    Why don't you try your luck?

  2. 2
    Ringobako (Restaurant in AUGA fresh market)

    Aomori is home to a rich treasure trove of seafood, vegetables and fruits that are born from rich natural environments. Tuna and flatfish are nationally known, and apples and garlics are number one product in Japan.
    There is a spacious restaurant named "Ringobako" next to the Fresh Market dealing in seafood and vegetables on the basement of AUGA in front of Aomori Station. It provides many kinds of local dishes and sake. You can listen to the shamisen live performance if the timing is right. Why don't you find local traditional cuisine and the charm of Aomori?

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    Nebuta house Warasse

    Nebuta house Warasse is the museum that introduces the history and charms of Aomori Nebuta Festival. At the museum you can experience every aspect of the festival. 4 full-sized (5x9x7m) floats that participated in the festival in August are displayed. Staffs offer a festival music live performance and "Haneto" experience, where you can try dancing to the music. And also you can try your hand at playing the taiko drums used in the festival. Footage of the exhibited Nebuta floats participating in the parade is projected onto a large screen. The shop sells Nebuta goods and souvenirs of Aomori.


Aomori Lover

Hi! I’m Kazuko Kurihashi, a nationally-licensed, English-speaking tour guide. I especially work based in Aomori Prefecture (I’ve been living in Aomori for more than 20 years), and I’m also a wife and mother. Aomori is full of great traditional culture and nature’s blessings, so I would like to guide you to many sightseeing spots such as temples, castles, museums, mountain streams, and so on, and show you how wonderful Japan is! The spot I recommend the most among these is an archaeological site from the Jomon period, dating back about 15,000~2,300 years. You can see many kinds of remains of an ancient village while strolling around the site, and you can learn about how our ancestors lived in harmony with nature and had spirituality based on rituals. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon in Aomori!

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