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Food & Drink Culture Experience
7,920 JPY - / person
About 5 hours
Language: English

What we'll do

Visit a local Japanese home, get to know the way people live! In this tour, you will visit a local Japanese family in a small suburban town to the southwest of Tokyo. Participating in this activity, you can experience cooking Japanese dishes with a lovely Japanese family, once your hard work is done, we get to eat the delicious fresh and organic food that you helped prepare. The tour begins with shopping at local stores and then you will help cook simple Japanese dishes with the family, in their kitchen. The highlight is eating the delicious home-made meals, with a warm and friendly Japanese Family. After lunch, you can enjoy whisked Japanese green tea (matcha) and wear a summer kimono (yukata). It will surely become a great memory of your stay in Japan!!

Meeting Place


Price per person (tax included)
7,920 JPY - / person
Max participants
Up to 5 people
Hosted in English
Things you need to know before the tour

・ Transport expenses(approx. US $20-30)
・ 2 persons at minimum/ 6 at maximum
・ $20 for children 12 years old and under
・ Please let us know your dietary requirements

What is included in the tour price


  1. 1
    Hadano city ( on the Odakyu Train Line ;1 hour from Shinjuku)

    Hadano city ( on the Odakyu Train Line ;1 hour from Shinjuku)
    Come to Hadano and experience traditional Japanese lifestyle! The tour offers cooking Japanese food, whisked green tea and kimono!

  2. 2
    Meet at Hadano station, on the Odakyu Train Line

    Hadano city, located to the southwest of Tokyo, sits in a basin shaped valley surrounded by the Tanzawa mountain range. It attracts more than 200,000 climbers from all over Japan every year. You will enjoy your stay in this beautiful city, blessed with clean and abundant water as well as the views of great nature that the mountains provide.

  3. 3
    Shopping at local stores

    From a family-owned fish shop to a large supermarket, you can see local people’s life by visiting food stores. Seeing what is on the shelves, chatting with private shop keepers when shopping… Every moment is a lot of fun!

  4. 4
    Visit a family home

    You are welcomed by a host family who speaks good English and they have great hospitality.
    【Lunch】Guided by the experienced host, you learn to cook traditional Japanese dishes for lunch. Some examples are tempura (deep- fried fish and vegetables), yakitori (grilled chicken on sticks), sushi, Japanese curry, nikujaga (pork and potato in broth), okonomiyaki (Japanese style savory pancakes) and more! We can arrange vegetarian or gluten- free lunch on your request.
    【Tea and kimono experience】 Japanese green tea and cake are served after lunch. You can get dressed in a casual kimono before having tea.
    You can try making tea, Japanese caligraphy and playing the Japanese music instrument, koto. Our Home Visit includes full of cutural experiences!

  5. 5
    Drop you off at Hadano station

    Drop you off at Hadano station
    The Romance Car bound for Shinjuku (central Tokyo) leaves at 15:06 (Shinjuku 16:07 ) 
    Hadano is also close to the Hakone resort area, just another hour west by train and bus!

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7,920 JPY - / person