【Teaser Trip】-Spanish- Hiroshima/ City for peace

Unesco World Heritage History
1,200 JPY - / person
About 0.5 hours
Language: Spanish

What we'll do

Hiroshima, the city reduced to ashes 75 years ago and reborn as a beautiful industrial and cultural city. To learn Hiroshima is the first best step to contribute to the more peaceful world. I would like to show you the terrible devastation of the Atomic Bomb, various monuments which have kept telling cries of the uncountable innocent victims and the city’s challenge to abolish all the nuclear arms which still exist in this world. Please watch my program. Let us share the message of peace!


Price per person (tax included)
1,320 JPY - / person
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Up to 10 people
Hosted in Spanish
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-The teaser trips will be held using Zoom meetings.
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-Reservations cannot be canceled after payments have been made. Please double check your
-Copying and downloading all the materials which are used in the program shall be strictly prohibited. Some photos are confidencial.
-Recording and taking photos of the program shall be strictly prohibited.


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    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Peace Park, local gourmet

    Please learn the inhumane damage of Atomic Bomb and our effort to build the world free from any concerns of wars. After that, you can enjoy local cuisines of Hiroshima.


Peace promoter

I am Kuniko KAIO. Call me Kuni. I live in Hiroshima, working as a tour guide and interpreter in English and Spanish. My city has two World Heritage sites; The Atomic-Bomb Dome in the Peace Memorial Park and a scenic island, known as Miyajima which has 800-year-old Shinto Shrine and boasts of well-preserved nature. Please come to Hiroshima, which has been perfectly reconstructed from ashes. I would like to share the importance of everlasting world peace with you by walking around the beautiful Peace Park and visiting the informative museum. After that, the fabulous historic site and beautiful nature in Miyajima will soothe you. Besides, I never forget to offer you precious opportunities to enjoy delicious local food. I am looking forward to seeing you!

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