【Teaser Tour】 Hiroshima / Awesome Foundation of Japan: Rice and Water

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This is Episode 2 of the 8-part series of Naruho-Do! Japan.
Masako will let you know intriguing Japanese unique ways of thinking by explaining awesome foundation of Japan: Rice and Water.
Rice cultivation brought about confrontation between Forest People and Rice People some thousand years ago. Was it nasty?
In the Shogun period, Japanese economy based on the Rice Standard, rather than the Gold Standard. How strange it was!
Around the first Tokyo Olympics held in 1964, revolution in cooking rice occurred in Japan. Electric rice-cookers! Without that I cannot live.
Water has been a basis of Japanese philosophy. Masako explains various tips on water. Latest trends: Bath, toilets, bottled water, and how to make good tea.
Intriguing and informative with many laughs.


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  1. 1
    What Rice has Meant to the Japanese People.

    Brown rice VS White rice. Astonishing difference!
    How to use an electric-rice cooker. And new revolution in rice cooking. Packed cooked rice!

  2. 2
    Symbolism of Water Is Deep Inside of the Japanese People.

    Is it true water cleanses evil spirits? Bottled water costs much more than gasoline. One litter of bottled water costs 200 yen.
    One litter of tap water costs 1 yen or less.

  3. 3
    Small Japanese Lesson

    Today’s Japanese lesson is “Gochiso-sama,” which means “Thank you for the meal!”


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