【Teaser Trip】Trees and forests in Japan

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This is an introduction tour to show you beauty of Japanese trees and forests. Japan has distinctively different four seasons and each season has a scenery blessed with breathtaking beauty in which trees play a significant role. Additionally Japanese archipelago stretches from north to south in a shape of bow, having a variety of climates in different regions. Forests provide natural grandeur in different ways nationwide. Although we have several issues in forestry businesses in Japan, I hope there are potentials for next generations to invent new ideas with IT and AI. Currently we are exposed to a risk of COVID19 and I hope this presentation will give you a refreshing time with good photos. Indeed trees and forests have invisible healing power. I would like you to enjoy get-away-from-it-all feeling.


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【Teaser Trip 】
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  1. 1
    Beauty of Japanese trees

    I introduce photos of cedar trees, bamboo grove, cherry blossoms, MOMIJI maple trees from Kyoto and Nara. Photos were taken by myself during previous tour assignments, and I would like to share stories related with those trees.

  2. 2
    Beauty of Japanese forests

    I introduce two unique forests in Japan. "Snow monsters" are created in winter at ZAO ski resorts in YAMAGATA. They are artistic creation of frozen trees. Another unique forests exist at YAKUSIMA island in KAGOSHIMA. This island has subtropical climate with ample rain. Gigantic ancient cedar trees which are hundreds or thousands years old exist in natural condition and attract many visitors.

  3. 3
    Traditional horticulture

    There is a famous temple called "Moss temple" in KYOTO. On a green carpet of mosses which is well taken care of, you can see beautiful trees. And there is a traditional technique called "Daisugi" which was born in KYOTO. This enables young seedlings to grow on a parent platform cedar. Additionally Japan is a birthplace of a world-famous "Bonsai".


Customer Reviews


Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful virtual tour! I truly enjoyed it with your excellent English. Your deep insight into the Japanese forests and nature is just incredible. The half-an-hour online session went by so fast as your great presentation with lots of beautiful photos kept capturing me. This virtual tour is definitely worth joining.


I enjoyed Alice's tour a lot. Japan is so rich in nature. Her presentation of the PowerPoint was well-managed and had beautiful pictures. Her voice is soft but clear English which led to feel the beauty of Japan's trees and forests. Thank you Alice!


It was an excellent tour!! I fully enjoyed " Japanese forests and trees". Her English was so beautiful and easy to understand.
All the pictures were amazing. I would like to join the tour again. Thank you so much, Akiko san.


This tour is full of beautiful pictures and informative stories with attractive narrations. I could enjoyed the tour very much. There are some eye-opening information told by Akiko-san that I should know as a Japanese. So, I really appreciate her beautiful tour.


I feel really lucky to find this tour by Alice.
I decided to attend this one as a friend of mine said her tour was so enjoyable that he could attend the same tour once again.
I now know what is so impressive about it.
She virtually took me to many different parts of Japan, showing beautiful pictures of trees and forests.
Honestly speaking, I did not think the topic of trees and forests could be so interesting for someone who had had little knowledge about them.
This is highly recommended.


Alice-san explained to me about the beautiful forest landscapes across Japan. I love her elegant English! Thank you so much, Alice-san.


Excellent trip with good story line, presentation material, and beautiful photos.
Akiko san is a very good English communicator.
Good program to learn traditional and beautiful Japan from the perspectives of tree and forest. How? You will find out!


Alice is an amazing guide. Her English is very elegant and fascinating. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about a variety of trees in Japan. I really recommend this tour. Thank you, Alice in Japan.


Her tour is well organized and you can learn the main characteristics of the woods and trees in Japan.
The tour will also take you to the beautiful spots along with her favorite trees. So enjoyable !


Tour was so impressive. This tour has been the best online tour I have ever joined before.
Her way of talking was very professional, understandable, and lots of interesting things were included within 30 minutes.
The contents are very interesting , I understand how the guests enjoyed her real tour.
Some day I would like to explore Japan with her.
Thank you, Alice-san in Wonderland.


Pursuer of culture of JAPAN

As a tour guide, I would like to discover a new charm and a new aspect of Japan with you! Different people from different countries have a variety of questions. Thus far, I got eye-opening questions from my customers. For example, a man from Vietnam asked me "Why do Japanese trees grow so straight?" I had never ever thought about the reason why trees are very much straight in most cases. This was a good starting point for me to study forest management of Japan which is mainly focusing on man-made forests by felling. A female visitor from India asked me, "How should I handle my head when I go to Onsen?" I had always encouraged my guests to try Onsen (hot springs) and she decided to do that. However I did not explain about putting the body only from the neck down into the bath!!! Because it was a matter of course for me to soak the body only in Onsen, I carelessly did not mention how to deal with the head. I learned that things which are considered natural or common sense would not fit into all the cultures in the world. Through those questions, I re-study many things about Japan over and over again. Now I welcome surprising questions with open arms. As a tour guide, and as a Japanese who love culture, history and present life of Japan, I would like to communicate with a lot of people who kindly show their interest in Japan in my ZOOM meeting. Q&A sessions would be a lot of fun!!!

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