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Come and cross this famous Shibuya scramble crossing together! You will actually feel you are there crossing and getting the vibration and energy from the town. You get to see a part of this town, also known as young fashion mecca. Then meet the famous dog, called Hachi (statue). Everyone loves him! He is an icon of this town connecting people. Your guide, Tomo, lives nearby and is ready to give you some quiz so you get to know Shibuya. And, she can't wait to share the impressive story of Hachi dog. This is a very casual, interactive, memorable tour for everyone!


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1,100 JPY - / person
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  1. 1
    Cross the scramble crossing

    Famous as one of the busiest and maybe the wildest crossings in the world. After you get to see and hear the overview of the crossing, dive in to immense yourself in the atmosphere!

  2. 2
    Check the color of the town

    What kind of people and why they come to this place? Check out and see if this is your kind of town.

  3. 3
    Meet the famous Hachi dog statue

    Hachi, provably the most famous dog in Japan, is a symbol or a superstar here. After hearing the real, impressive story on him, surely you will have another reason to come back to Shibuya.


Customer Reviews


Our guide Tomomi-san is a true Tokyoite. She knows about everything about Shibuya. She guided us around the central part of Shibuya so efficiently. Also, she explained the story related to this area in a friendly manner. She speaks excellent English!


I also have visited shibuya sometimes before this tour, but I noticed that I have missed various points after Tomomi-san's guide. Moreover, her guiding is enjoyable

Really, thank you very much.


I joined Shibuya Live tour. Tour was wonderful. Tomomi-san is a cheerful and charming lady.
She always created a good atmosphere and tried to interact with her audience in real time.
I truly enjoyed her live tour. Some day I really would like to join her real tour.


We were lucky to join the Shibuya crossing tour on such a beautiful autumn day. Our guide, Tomomi was so friendly and informative, with a charming smiling always. She showed exciting sceneries around Shibuya Crossing, including on the upper floor of the Starbucks café, which amazingly is No.1 on its profit in the world. It was so fun. Thank you, Tomomi san.


Especially ordinally Japanese representative

Hi! Everyone! I am TOMO, meaning Friends in Japanese. Do you like mysteries? Japan and its people have a lot of them. I have been doing this exciting job of digging up hidden treasures of my own culture, that is guiding! Beautiful sceneries, great works of history, but why? Why this is so important? What is the reason behind? My tours always try to show these WHYs so that you will find interesting differences and similarities between us. One of my great points as a tour guide is being ordinally. Average age, average size and family size, and average in many others, well... at least I think so! This makes me a perfect representative of Japan! So, let me show you the real life of ordinally Japanese people. And my interests cover history, religions, architecture, food, and nature. I am so ready to share special things and ordinally things. Please visit me so we can walk around together discovering another hidden charm!!! See you!

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