【Teaser Trip】Yamaguchi / Let’s learn more about Hagi yaki, one of the most highly regarded pottery in Japan, admired and enjoyed by tea ceremony masters for over 400 years

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Hello, I am Izumi, your online tour guide. I had been working for a TV production company for 9 years and a tour company for 4 years. Then I moved in to Hagi City about 9 years ago when I married my husband who is a Hagi yaki potter. I will be guiding you from our Hagi yaki studio. My husband will also be around during the trip to answer your questions.
Hagi yaki is one of the most highly regarded pottery in Japan and has been admired and enjoyed by tea masters for more than 400 years.
Through the tour, you will learn about the unique origin of Hagi yaki, its feature and how to enjoy the simple looking pottery, and the process of making it. Also, we will make a quick visit to the city of Hagi where Hagi yaki was born. For those who are interested in having their own Hagi yaki pottery, I will share you the link to the online shop.
After enjoying the Hagi yaki virtual tour, I hope you come and visit us in Hagi on a real trip one day.


Aug 28 2021

Thank you for your wonderful tour. Tour was well-organized and I could learn a lot within 30minutes. Some day I would like to join your real tour.


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  1. 1
    What is Hagi yaki?

    Hagi yaki is one of the most highly regarded pottery in Japan. What is so special about Hagi yaki? Let's see how it started and its notable features.

  2. 2
    What kind of city is Hagi where Hagi yaki was born?

    Hagi is a former castle town, which is a small but fascinating historical and scenic place. Let's look at the highlights; the beautiful locations and good food of the area.

  3. 3
    Process of Making Hagi yaki

    Let's see how my husband, a Hagi yaki potter, makes Hagi yaki pottery in as a traditional way as possible such as using kick wheel and handmade glaze, firing by a wood-fired climbing kiln.

  4. 4
    How to enjoy Hagi yaki

    At a glance, Hagi yaki may look very simple, but if you get to know the key points in the way to look at it, you will be able to enjoy Hagi yaki more. I will give you some tips.

  5. 5
    Gallery / Shopping

    There are many Hagi yaki potteries or shops in Hagi City where you can buy Hagi yaki pottery. It's best if you could come over to Hagi and look for your favorite, but if the situation doesn't permit, on online shopping is one option. Why not use the free shipping promotion within Japan now?


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