• Kumano Kodo Walking
  • Kumano Kodo Walking
  • Kumano Kodo Walking
  • Kumano Kodo Walking
  • Kumano Kodo Walking

Kumano Kodo Walking

Tour Price: JPY11,000 〜 / person

Special Diet History

About the WOW U-mediator leading this tour

What we'll do

Kumano is an isolated sacred site of healing and salvation. It embodies the spiritual origins of Japan and has been a pilgrimage destination for centuries. Walking the Kumano Kodo is an immersive Japanese experience for the intuitive, active traveler.
I will show you Japanese beautiful nature and culture and history at the same time enjoying Kumano Kodo walk.

Things you need to know before the tour

Things you need: Lunch, Transport expenses(approx. JPY 440)
Wear comfortable shoes and clothes to walk
Bus fare JPY 460 per person.
Additional tour is negotiable, and you can request what you'd like to do.
people who love walking in the nature


  • Hosshinmon oji shrine

    It is the entrance of the sacred precinct of Kumano toward Kumano Hongu taisha. You walk the path which has unchanged for about 1000 years.

  • Fushiogami chaya for lunch

    We have lunch and a good coffee made by Yunomine hot spring water. (when the cafe is open)

  • Kumano Hongu taisha

    This is one of three grand shirines of Kumano where peopole have worshipped since ancient times. The beautiful main shrine buildings with their attractive cypress bark roofs create a solemn atmosphere.

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  • Oyunohara

    This is where the original Kumano Hongu taisha used to be. You can see the largest torii gate all over Japan.

Meeting Place

We take the bus from here at 9:20