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Shitennoji Temple is Japan's oldest government Buddhist temple.
The temple has a long history.
It was rebuilt around 60 years ago, but the original temple was built in the 6th century.
It is one of the birthplaces of Buddhism in Japan.
The temple shows the unification between Shinto and Buddhism.
It also expresses how important and influential Buddhism was for the people of Japan.
Prince Shotoku built this temple. He played an important role to introduce Buddhism to Japan which then flourished thanks to him.
The temple was located next to the sea. The main structures were placed in a straight line in the temple to show the power of the Japanese at that time. People could see the stunning structures from the sea. They looked very imposing.
You can enjoy viewing the beautiful structures and learning the history of them.
You can also enjoy the picturesque garden which has beautiful cherry blossom trees, colorful autumn leaves, a pond , a waterfall and a tea house.
I'm looking forward to seeing you on the tour.


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  1. 1
    The West Gate & the Paradise Gate

    The West Gate is one of the three biggest gates in Japan.
    It is a stone gate which is a symbol of the people's faith in the temple.
    Walking through the gate and keep walking to the precinct of the temple, you can find the stunning Paradise Gate.
    You can enjoy viewing those beautiful gates at a glance from the entrance.
    From the inside of the West Gate, you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of sun set.

  2. 2
    The Japanese Garden

    The garden is based on the concept of the Garden of Paradise.
    You can enjoy viewing seasonal plants, a beautiful pond and stones, historic halls, and a tea house.

  3. 3
    The Central Precinct

    Structures are laid out in a straight line from the south to the north.
    They were built in the same way as the original structures.
    They were located in a straight line near the sea.
    They might have showed the power of Japan.
    The beauty of the landscape must have overwhelmed visitors.
    Today you can enjoy viewing the beautiful halls, the five storey pagoda and the central gate laid out in a straight line.

  4. 4
    Prince Shotoku's Hall and other halls

    There are halls where statues of Prince Shotoku are situated.
    There are his three statues at the age of 2, 16 and 49.
    You can enjoy viewing halls with different architectures.
    Each hall has its own role in the temple.
    You can learn the history of the temple according to the change in the times.

  5. 5
    The Stone Stage and the pond

    The scenery of the stage, the pond and the hall is picturesque.
    The hall is one of the oldest structures in the temple. It's an Important Cultural Property.
    The stage is one of the three most important stages in Japan.
    Traditional dancing is performed on the stage.
    You can enjoy viewing tortoises in the pond.



Hello. My name is Atsuko Tanaka. I’ve lived in Osaka since I was born. Osaka has an ancient and modern city. Osaka is famous for modern architectures, delicious foods and shopping. Osaka also has many historical places such as temples, shrines and a castle. There are many ‘Kofuns,’ which are ancient emperors’ tombs. They are World Heritage Sites. I have guided in Nara, Kyoto and Kobe. Nara and Kyoto are ancient capitals in Japan. They are characterized by old historical places, stories, artifacts and a wide variety of cultures. I hope I’ll show you these attractive places in Japan. Thank you.

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