Kohayabune Boats: A Tactical Method Unique to the Murakami Kaizoku

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During the Warring States period, the Murakami Kaizoku (Marine Force) was the largest shipping agent in Japan, and they used their influence to protect the sea in the Setouchi region. Their story and historical legacy is recognized as a Japan Heritage Site by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
The Murakami Kaizoku were specialists of the sea who were responsible for overseeing maritime safety as well as trade and distribution. During their reign at the end of the Middle Ages, they controlled the vast waters of the Seto Inland Sea and influenced military affairs, the government, and the trends of marine transportation within the country.
In this video, a curator of the Murakami Kaizoku Museum will talk about a tactical method the Murakami Kaizoku used called kohayabune boats.