Walk through Japan’s Traditional Garden: Hiroshima Sankeien Garden

Aug 04 2020
Aug 04 2020

The Sankeien Garden was established in 1993 as a memorial of the opening of the Hiroshima Airport. The motif of the name originates from the three contrasting sceneries: the mountainous terrain, the countryside, and the ocean. Here you will be able to experience the grandiose nature and traditional Japanese stroll garden of Hiroshima.

The four seasons and the motif of Hiroshima prefecture

Sankeien Garden autumn colors

Photograph provided by Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

The motif of the Sankeien Garden originates from Hiroshima prefecture itself. Hiroshima prefecture is located in the western region of Japan on the Chugoku mountain range. In this undulated and mountainous region are the deep and dense forest and the breathtaking valleys, which lead to the wide expanse of ocean.

The stroll park itself symbolizes the geography of Hiroshima. Therefore, there are three zones in the park: the mountainous zone, the valley zone, and the ocean zone. In each of these zones, you can interact with the different aspects of nature, and there are different sceneries to enjoy.
As well as this, each of the scenery can be enjoyed differently in each four seasons, as the park is open all year long. In the spring, visitors can enjoy the 70 different species of Japanese plum trees that are planted in the park. Take a walk though under the pink petals as the sweet scent gently drifts through the air. During the rainy season and summer, the Hydrangea bloom during the flower festival. The vibrant colors are sure to inspire those who visit. The autumn ambiance resonates within the park as the leaves pigment into a spectrum or red, orange, and yellow.

The exquisite spots within the traditional stroll garden

Sankeien Garden

Photograph provided by Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

In the six hectares of land, one of the most prominent locations is the Chokentei. This is a house with an area of 611 square meters located near the carp ponds. In this traditionally built house, visitors can also feed the carp from the cloister of the house. There are mainly two large ponds in the garden Sato-no-ike and the Taikai, which holds the theme of the ocean. In the Sato-no-ike, the ponds carry 150 carps, which are all male, and in the Taikai there are approximately 450 female carps swimming. During the warm season when they are active, the carps will gather upon as you feed them. The elegance of the seasons can also be observed here. During the autumn months, when the wind is calm and stills the reflection of the tinted leaves and the Chokentei is a perfect moment. As well as that, during the winter months, the ice that covers the top layer of water freezes- another spectacular scenery.

Another spots you must see in "Sankeien"

sandan waterfall

Photograph provided by Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

Another spot is the Sandan no Taki, which can be translated to the 3-step waterfall. Although this is an artificial waterfall, upon visiting, the dynamic forces of nature amaze you. The waterfall is 14 meters high with two tons of water flowing at a rapid speed. The sound of the water is peaceful, and this, too, is enjoyable during the 4 seasons of the year.

There are many other areas of the garden, which are visually pleasing, so be sure to visit them and take pictures. In June, during the rainy season, there is a flower festival with 100 species of Hydrangea blooming,; if you are lucky enough to visit in June, you may have a chance to have a look at the flower festival.

How to visit?

By car
1 Approx.10 min. from Kochi IC of Sanyo Expressway
2 Approx.12 min. from Hongo IC of Sanyo Expressway

By public transportation
1 Approx.20 min. by taxi from Hongo Station of JR Sanyo Line
2 Approx.13 min. by bus from Shiraichi Station of JR Sanyo LIne
3/Approx.50 min. by bus from JR Hiroshima Station

Address: 64-24 Zennyuji, Hongo-cho, Mihara City 729-0416

Sankeien Garden (Hiroshima) Hiroshima

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