The stories at WOW U are a series of anecdotes that will make you want to experience them for yourself. There is a story behind everything; even if two places look the same at first glance, knowing their backgrounds will likely change your perspective. There are plenty of aspects of Japan that you'll want to experience firsthand once you get a taste.

With four seasons and a history of 2,000 years, the island country of Japan has developed its own unique culture. There are a number of temples in Japan that share the same name, but each carries a different meaning. The same applies to cooking; different regions will use the same ingredients but prepare the food in completely different ways. Behind each difference, however, lies a story waiting to be heard.

Here, we will introduce to you stories told from a multitude of different perspectives, each with its own message. Find the things you want to do in Japan based not only on surface images, but on the core elements that resonate with you.

Trip Enrichment

Read up on helpful information in order to get a deeper, richer travel experience in Japan.

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Identify the way to travel best suited to you, and learn about optimal routes and spots from locals and WOW U staff.

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Learn more about Japan through the eyes of the locals and get inspired to select your next travel destination based on the people you want to meet.

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Discover a variety of Japanese foods and learn about the backgrounds and traditions behind popular dishes.

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Read about how the geography and four distinct seasons of Japan affect the nature across the country and, in turn, your travel experience.

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Everything culture-related, from modern J-pop and manga to traditional samurai, shrines, and geisha.

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Experience the diversity of everyday life across each of the 47 prefectures of Japan.

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A look at some numbers and data related to traveling and tourist spots in Japan.

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