Cruise Or Walk Around To See The Many Expressions Of A Sea Cave In Nishi-Izu

Aug 17 2020
Aug 17 2020

Nishi-Izu, on the coastline, is home to the mystical scenery of a blue cave. This is rich in its variety of natural sea caves and islands. One of the most popular spots is the tensodou, where you can get yourself sucked into the mystical scenery of a blue cave while onboard a cruise boat. Afterwards, taking a stroll along the trails around the island will be another good way to enjoy the landscape!

The Mystical Atmosphere Of A Blue Cave In Nishi-Izu


Have you ever heard of a “Blue Cave”? This phrase represents the reflections of sunlight passing through to the sea-floor, bringing out the blue hues of the sea into a light-up spectacle. These spectacles are spotted in various parts of the world, and are also found in Japan. It might take a long time by regular train, but taking the bullet train can get you there much faster, plus the tickets can be purchased at fairly affordable prices.

Nishi-Izu, located in Shizuoka Prefecture, borders on the coastline. This coastline is a rias coastline, a geographical feature that gives rich variety to the location. Therefore, there are plenty of water caves where beautiful scenery captures the hearts of nature-lovers from around the world.

3 Cruises That Go In And Around The Sea Caves


A good way to get close to the sea caves, is to take a boat cruise. There are several boat cruises that go in and around the caves using different routes. Each route has its own special view and different scenery depending on the weather and the time.

The cruising company of Nishi-Izu offers 3 main courses. Cave Excursion, the basic course, departs every 10 to 15 minutes, as soon as the required number of passengers have gathered. The reasonable but enjoyable course is the Dogashima Cruise, where you can view Mt. Fuji from the seas of Nishi-Izu, if you go during fine weather. For people who want to take more time and enjoy observing the scenery, the Senganmon Cruise offers a good 50 minutes ride along the West-Izu coastline.


On any of these cruises, you can spot the tensodou on an island named Dogashima. Tensodou, which is defined as the “Cave of skylight that shines through windows.” It is a natural monument in Shizuoka Prefecture. There are 3 entrances to the cave, west, south and east. At the center, the cave’s ceiling is open which creates a window that lets skylight into the cave and through to the sea. The significant “Blue Cave” scene, as mentioned earlier, can be spotted at this location due to this hole. Depending on the season, time and weather, the colors of the water change, so no matter how many times the passengers may visit, they are always fascinated by its view. Whether the cruise operates normally or not depends mainly on the weather, so be sure to check the latest operating schedule in advance.

You Can Enjoy The Scenery Twice: On Boat And By Foot



After the cruise, if you are not tired, taking strolls along the trails along the island will be another good way to enjoy the landscape of Dogashima island. The charms of this island and its caves are not only its mystical sights, but the views that change by viewing from land or water. Walking at your own pace will also give you a good chance of taking beautiful photos. Going up the stairs, you can spot the boats cruising in and out of the caves.

The tombolo phenomenon, which appears at low tides (below 11 inches), creates a shore about 100 ft in width. During a full tide, all of the land is covered by enough water for small boats to sail through. If you are there at the right moment, you can get across to another island by walking across this natural bridge.

Tips On When To Visit And What To Bring On A Cruise

sea_cave_cruise_izu_shizuokaOutdoor activities often rely on the weather, and cruising especially can be postponed if the wind is too strong or if it is too rainy. In Shizuoka Prefecture, just as in most parts of Japan, precipitation rises during the summer season(June to September). You might get a better chance of seeing sunsets on the cruise boat if you visit during winter, when sunshine hours are the shortest. However, this cruise operates all year-round, and weather changes even in these betterseasons, so there are always exceptions.

Getting on a cruise is different from other touring activities, so there are some items that would be useful to bring. An extra piece of clothing to put on might come in handy, since you will be exposed to strong wind on an open high-speed boat. Wear comfortable shoes for hiking because the paths on Dogashima have many steps. You might want a hat or sunglasses as well to guard from bright sunshine, or the reflections of the sunshine from the sea.

Of course, you would want to take along your best camera if you have one, and telescopes can get you more absorbed into the exciting views. Another thing to note, there are no restrooms on the cruise boat, so be sure to use the restrooms beforehand.

There is also a restaurant near the cruise harbor, so you don’t need to worry about being hungry after the cruise. At the restaurant windy, they serve mainly seafood meals, but other meals such as meat dishes and noodles are also available. You can view the beautiful blue sea of Dogashima while you enjoy your meal.



(Route 1) Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station for approx. 50 min. Get off at Mishima Station and ride the Izu-Hakone Railway for 40 min to Shuzenji Station. From there, take the Tokai Bus for 90 min to get to Dogashima.
(Route 2) Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station for approx. 50 min. Get off at Atami Station and ride the JR Izu-Odoriko Railway for 90 min to get to Izukyu-Shimoda Station. From there, take the Tokai Bus for 90 min to get to Dogashima.

Name of Cruise Company: Dogashima Marin

Address: 2060,Nishina,Nishi-Izu-cho,Kamo-gun, Shizuoka,410-3514,Japan
Tel: +81-558-52-0013
Admission Fee: Adult/Elementary Student
Cave Excursion(20min): 1,200 yen/600 yen
Dogashima Cruise(25min): 1,700 yen/850 yen
Senkanmon Cruise(50min): 2,300 yen/1,150 yen
Geo-site Cruise(50min): 1,900 yen/1,100 yen
Open hours: AM8:15~PM4:30
※Cruising time depends on the route and weather.

Tensodo Cave Izu / Atami

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