See the Traditional Japanese Scene at Takehara City in Hiroshima

Aug 03 2020
Aug 03 2020

Takehara City of Hiroshima prefecture keep its history.This area still holds many traditional Japanese houses.Takehara city is designed as a historic district.The scene of this area has been protected by Japanese nation from the Edo period .

Little Kyoto


Photograph provided by Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

During the Heian period, the name of Takehara City was Aki. This distinct was more and more flourishing because it was the manor of Shimogamo shrine in Kyoto prefecture in medieval Japan. That is why this area is still called “Aki’s little Kyoto”. As the this symbol, this area is selected for important preservation district of historic buildings by Japanese nation. In Takehara city, you can find many traditional Japanese houses and old scene.

The Kingdom of Salt and Sake


Photograph provided by Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

Takehara city was known as the port town from old. In the Edo period, the this district was flourishing by salt industry and Japanese sake industry. Now, there is the museum of history of Japanese sake. The situation of that time has been protected so that you can feel as if you are in Japan in Edo period. Moreover, in Takehara city, not only you can feel its history but also you can learn Japanese traditional culture was like. There are some Japanese drama and anime which set Takehara city as the stage of their stories.

Experience of Traditional Japanese culture


Photograph provided by Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture

Takehara city is also famous for bamboo town because there are a large number of bamboo forest. By using this speciality, many houses in Takehara city still have carved lattice. Each House has the window with carved lattice. These houses make Takehara city beautiful scene. These days, some cafes and restaurants use these old houses so that you can eat and relax in this place.

How to visit?

You can visit Takehara city from Tokyo easily. You should get on the bullet line at Tokyo station and drop at the Hiroshima station. From the Hiroshima station, it takes about 20 minutes by a car or a cab. From Tokyo Station, it is about 1hours 40 mins to Takehara city via the Shinkansen and the cabs.

Adress: 3chome Honmachi Takehara city, Hiroshima prefecture 725-0022
Tel: +81-846-22-7745

Takehara Historical Preservation District Hiroshima

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