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Explore Kagoshima, the southernmost island of Kyushu with us! We, team TABITTO provide experiences, which are interactive, personal and create memories of a lifetime. Apart from learning about the history, culture and food through these experiences, you will be able to experience a different perspective about Kagoshima as you meet various local artisans and professionals. Join our virtual tours!



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Customer Reviews


I enjoyed Eiko san's tour very much. Tour was very well-organized and so much fun.
I thought it was difficult to learn some actives through Zoom, however, the guide, Eiko san showed how to wrap things very well.
Thanks to her instruction, I could learn many tips within 30 minutes.
I would like to join her tour again someday.


The guide was so skillful and very friendly!


The guide, Kiyoko was friendly and kind. She talked about Kagoshima's life, Sakurajima volcanic eruptions, and Furoshiki. She demonstrated how to use Furoshiki as a handy shopping bag. I brought several Furoshiki and learned how to wrap the bottle. It was so much fun.


This is such an impressive tour, where our tour guide, Mikiko, and the shochu maker, Takeyama san, showed us around the shochu brewery, Meijigura, in southern Kagoshima. The camera image from the site was clear, and Mikiko was great to report what she saw, smelled, and felt there. She also kindly interpreted our questions to Takeyama-san so that we could get the answers immediately. It was fun and made me feel as if we were there on tour. The support from the staff was perfect, too. I really recommend this virtual tour!