West side Tokyo and handmade lover.

Japanese, English
Likes and interests
Music, Gourmet, Cooking, Animals, Crafts
Top 3 favorite foods
Gyoza, Okonomiyaki
Area of residence
Countries where I have lived
England, Japan
About Mediator
Hi there, I’m Yuko from Tokyo. I’d like to speak with foreign tourists and guide you all. I like to tell you our Japanese culture and learn various foreign cultures. I’ve been in London when I was a primary school student for a year and I did homestay in England during my university summer holidays. I’ve traveled to almost 30 countries in my life. I used to do home visits at my house before Covid-19. I invited my guests from around the world. Recently, I video chat with my English language partner. This time, I’d like to guide you with visiting many sightseeing spots, especially west side in Tokyo. Because of I know about there well and I’d like to show you this beautiful hidden area. Also, I can teach Origami or Japanese at cafe if you like. If you interested my profile, take a look at my trip plans. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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  • 私の経験

    2018 - 08



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