Love Hokkaido, Love Art, and Love Elmo!

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Hi, I'm Yukihiko, but that may be difficult to pronounce, so call me Hubert. This is my nickname from when I lived in France. I was born in Otaru, a city with a beautiful and unique history, and I spent my high school days in Hakodate, a sentimental port city. After graduation from Meiji University in Tokyo, I stayed in Paris for about a year to study classical music. Now I live in Sapporo. As a professional tour guide and local guide, I am very familiar with all of Hokkaido and Tokyo, Kamakura, Kanazawa, and Kyoto. Let's go together where you want to go! Please consult me about art, food, cafes, nature, history, etc. in Hokkaido. In addition, I'm an active brass player, so let's talk about music! Under the northern blue sky, I am waiting for you.