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Animals, Cooking, Art and Architecture, Gourmet, Nature・Scenery, Traditional Culture, Sake, History
KANSAI Tourism Bureau
About Mediator
I’m Ryoichi Kazuma. I live in Kyoto. I like Gion district because of its cultural and historical back grounds. The origins of Maiko and Geiko date back 400 years, when women who worked at chaya rest houses served refreshments to people visiting Gion-Sha, which is now called Yasaka Shrine. Beautiful dance events performed by Maiko and Geiko are held in every spring. Those are seasonal events that evoke a sign of spring. The appearances of Maiko and Geiko retain many aspects of women’s fashion in the Edo period. The world of Maiko and Geiko may seem glamorous, but every Maiko and Geiko must undergo rigorous training as long as they are working as Maiko and Geiko. They have lessons in singing, dancing, and playing instruments, as well as etiquette training. The more you understand Gion, the more it becomes attractive. I cannot go to the super expensive restaurant but sometimes enjoy a dinner at an affordable restaurant in Gion. I like cooking and have a cook license and a Fugu handling license as well. Recently, I go to Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market to purchase fresh fish once every two weeks and make fish dishes at home. Therefore, I have lots of information about foods and cooking. Thank you.


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