Love Izakaya&books

Japanese, English, Chinese
Likes and interests
Music, Sake, Traditional Culture, Outdoor・Sports, Gourmet, Cooking
Top 3 favorite foods
Ramen, Sashimi, Yakitori
Area of residence
Countries where I have lived
Taiwan, Japan
About Mediator
みなさん、こんにちは🍊My name is Keita. I am Japanese & teach Japanese. Besides, I love Izakaya and books. You know,if you yourself a Japanese learner,Izakaya is one of the best places to practise what you`ve learnt,by making orders or counting items all in JP,and of course you can enjoy authentic Japanese food and drinks there too. I also love going to Izakaya only with a book to give me company.I love both fiction and non-fiction,and my favourite authors are Endo-Shusaku and Miyazawa-Kenji. So if your interests are in Izakaya or books(or both),let me know. 大家好,我名字叫Keita/慶太,是日本人也是日文教師。 此外,我喜歡居酒屋和看書。如果你自己是日文学習者的話,其實居酒屋是為了 你練習所学過的 最佳地点之一,比如以日文點菜或数物品等。然後你當然也可以在那里享受到正宗的 日本美食和飲品。 我也喜歡带着一本書自己去居酒屋,邊喝飲料邊看書的。我看的書,小說或非虛構的都可以, 然後我最喜歡的作家是遠藤周作和宮沢賢治。 如果你對居酒屋或者書籍(或者兩者都)感興趣的話,請跟我講,謝謝。

Experience/Personal History

  • Japanese teacher

    2000 - 09

    Language-learning is fun,especially when that language,
    Japanese/日本語 in this case,is so different from your native one.
    But soon problems like these may arise:

    >I`m not sure if my Japanese sounds authentic
    >What I can say is still limited,and I want
    to get to a higher level for more to express my ideas

    So how can this be overcome?

    Composition is an answer to this,for it can:
    >Clearly show up your flaws
    >Help you compose your ideas and present them more logically
    >Make you a better communicator

    During the past 20 years,I`ve taught many learners who had
    passed JLPT N3 or higher.But when it comes to composition,
    often it`d come out with not a little to be corrected.

    Good news is,through my lessons,their writing ability improved
    and it made them better communicators in JP.

    Now that experience by those learners,it can become yours with me.


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