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National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
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  • Area: Kochi
  • Language: Japanese English


In many places, people’s lives are about how they live in harmony with nature. That includes not just traditional cultural customs but even the modern technologies, I believe. My name is Sachiko. Discovering and appreciating the relationship between people and nature is always a theme in my tours. The area I give tours in has lots of unique traditions and undeveloped scenery that other places have lost in urbanization. The area is designated as a Geopark. It is a unique place where your curiosity will be led to discover connections by seeing local life through the story of how the land beneath our feet was formed. Being an interpretive guide certified by the National Association for Interpretation in the U.S.A., I want my tour to be not mere information giving, but a memorable experience for you. Let’s touch, feel, hear, smell, and—more than anything—TASTE nature’s blessings and do things together with the locals when possible! Interactions are fun. Finding differences can be intriguing. Discovering similarities across cultures may be moving. I really would love to assist you in going through such experiences.