Tohoku concierge

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
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  • Area: Miyagi
  • Language: Japanese English


I'm Riko, and I work at a Sendai Tourist Information Desk. I'm also a tour guide based in Sendai. I have experienced many tours in the Sendai area and other places in Tohoku. I love to meet people visiting Tohoku, especially my hometown of Sendai, Miyagi. If you want, I can accompany you on your trip, like a friend, to help you experience eating and walking around like a local. I'm also a sake navigator of the SSI (Sake Service Institute). If you are interested in sake, I can help you try it at a local sake brewery or a traditional local bar. If you have no plans for your trip, I can suggest some tours after listening to your opinions. I'm looking forward to seeing you, and I will help you make memories on a tour of Tohoku.