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Are you interested in Japanese life? Would you like to visit my home? 'Yes!' Do you like sushi? 'Yes!' Then, why don't you join 'sushi making lesson at my home? It's located in the center of Tokyo, Tsukishima, and connected to Yurakucho line and Oedo line (5minutes by subway from Ginza). There you can learn how to make sushi, and afterwards you can eat the sushi. I will instruct you how to make sushi kindly. I am a certified English guide who speakes perfect English, . Not only making and eating sushi, you will enjoy talking to me and learn Japanese life. Are you also interested in Tokyo tour? Tokyo is a great city which has many shirines, temples, Imperial Palace, gardens, museums and shopping malls. The guide will take you wherever you want to visit. You can learn Japanese history and culture from me. If you have one-day free time in Tokyo, I will guide you to Nikko, Hakone or Kamakura.