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National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
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Music, History, Sake, Traditional Culture, Nature・Scenery, Outdoor・Sports, Gourmet, Art and Architecture, Cooking, Crafts
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About Mediator
Hi, I'm Hiromi. I am a licensed guide and B&B owner living in a small village in the northeastern part of Okayama Village bordering Hyogo and Tottori Prefectures. My passions are traveling, cooking, eating, and walking in nature. I create tours for people with the desire to travel off the beaten path and to experience authentic connections with locals. My Artisan's Story Tours will take you to the heart of the Okayama countryside to meet anyone from traditional washi paper makers, woodcraft artists, natural dye artists, potters, and swordsmiths. There you will hear the artisans’ amazing life stories while seeing their craftsmanship at hand. I am looking forward to meeting you in the near future here in the Mimasaka area of Okayama. best wishes, Hiromi


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