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History, Traditional Culture, Nature・Scenery, Outdoor・Sports, Gourmet, Art and Architecture, Animals, Crafts
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Let's explore the hidden beauty of Japan! I am Asako, an experienced national guide and a nature lover, camp lover and traveling lover. I was born in Osaka and now I live in Hyogo prefecture in Kansai District. I usually guide my guests around Kyoto, Nara, Osaka so on. That's why I do have deep knowledge in Japanese history, cultures, traditions, so on. However this time, I am eager to show you something that major sightseeing spots never show. My region is remote from big bustling cities and filled with great nature. It is surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges with superb forests, waterfalls and rivers where locals are proud of farming as well as maintaining traditions. In addition, temples, shrines, historical monuments, ruins of castles are remained. These are what I would like to share with you. Isn't it amazing that you and I and other guests can interact through WOW U? I will be so delighted to be your guide as well as a friend in Japan. Join my fun trip!


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