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Japanese, English
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
Likes and interests
History, Sake, Traditional Culture, Nature・Scenery, Outdoor・Sports, Gourmet, Art and Architecture, Animals
Top 3 favorite foods
Japanese barbecue, Kagoshima Black Pork Shabushabu, Ramen
Area of residence
Countries where I have lived
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Kyushu Association of Interpreters, Translators and Guide-Interpreters
About Mediator
From my 6-year experience as an international guide, I feel that prefectures in Kyushu, which is the southern most main island in Japan, are related to each another very deeply in history, culture and nature. So, it can be told as one overall story to visitors. At the same time, I think that it is very important to be flexible and to make the experience as personalized as possible, as this can lead to high satisfaction with customers. I love listening to my guests very much, because I can get to know the person deeply from our conversation and there are many hints which tell what kind of things they are actually interested in and desire to do during the tour. I have a broad network in Kyushu and use it to make my guest's request true as much as possible. On one past occasion, I had a family group who wanted to feel genuine Japanese culture in countryside. I took the customers to a green tea farm of a local farmer, whom I have known for years, to experience brewing a tasty green tea by themselves. When we visited the farm and were listening to the story about how to grow the tea trees from the owner, I found that they were interested in local agriculture very much. So, I asked the owner to explain about the climate, topography, and soil that is unique to the place and how those traits affect the taste and aroma of the green tea there. At the end of the tour, my customers were very satisfied with it and bought many packs of tea leaves there. Furthermore, after returning to their country, the leader of the group, an owner of a music company, made a song about green tea and sent us the CDs of this song. I love Kyushu very much, and I love international travelers to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience here. Let's have a fun time together!

Experience/Personal History

  • Kagoshima Bank,

    1993 - 04

    5 years at Personnel Division,
    1 year at International Division


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