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Want to find your top idol in Japan? Let's experience Japanese idol culture together! Hi! I’m Payanchan! I was an underground idol here in Japan for around 5 years from the age of 19 right up until the summer of 2018. I took part in around 30 different live-show performances every month, and was even a radio personality! Right now there is a huge idol boom here in Japan, and it is said that over 3000 different idol groups exist across the country. Each varying from one another. For example, The classic cute type (I think that most foreigners imagine only these types of Japanese idols), cool rock chick type, sexy gravure type, and the intense loud type etc. This isn't to mention the countless idols born from specific concepts, such as baseball idols, farm idols, fishing idols, train idols, there is a special idol for every field you can think of. There is only one problem with there being so many idols. "Being unsure who to support among this sea of cuties!" Within the Japanese idol industry, the idol you are most partial to is called "oshimen" in Japanese. You're bound to find your "oshimen" with so many lovely idols here in Japan. From searching from your "oshimen" to actually going to see them perform live, I will help you all the way! Let's go buy our glow sticks! At the live performances there are meet & greets, and you can buy idol goods and even get a chance to talk with and take a photo with the idols. Many of the idols have Twitter, Instagram and do live streaming/videos so even when you are far away you can continue to support your favorite idol! The idols are here to give you that energy and therapeutic healing you need in life! So please, come and find your "oshimen" with me!!


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