Giant Penguin

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  • Area: Ishikawa
  • Language: Japanese English Chinese


My name is ICE. The direct translation of my Chinese family name is “summer ice.” I was a writer for a travel magazine, and I love photography, especially capturing the most natural smiles of every person I meet. I don’t really have specific plans with a proper schedule, because I prefer custom-made tours for every individual’s special interest. You can rely on me for a journey where you can capture great memories. Personally, I am low profile, and I love everything about nature and culture. I am learning Japanese tea ceremony, pottery, flower arrangement, and as many kinds of crafts as I can reach. Of course, I can wear kimono myself too. We can share stories in English or Chinese. I can also speak Hong Kong Cantonese, Hokkien, and Teochew fluently. However, my Japanese is still under training.