Checks and Balances: The Key to the Management Philosophy of the Murakami Clan 【Dialogue】

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During the Warring States period, the Murakami Kaizoku (Marine Force) was the largest shipping agent in Japan, and they used their influence to protect the sea in the Setouchi region. Their story and historical legacy is recognized as a Japan Heritage Site by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Each branch of the Murakami Marine Force had a large number of people who possessed excellent management skills, and each branch also produced many business administrators. A key point in their management philosophy was checks and balances, and there are a number of facets that come into play in present-day administration as well.
In this video, Mr. Takashi Sonoo, a scholar with extensive experience researching and interviewing descendants of the Murakami clan, talks about these checks and balances and their role in the management philosophy of the Murkami clan.