See the Charms of Japan Heritage Through Online Tours: "The Seto Inland Sea and the Murakami Clan" Compilation

Hiroshima, Ehime
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An online tour (Online Teaser Trip) about the Murakami clan, a household that expanded throughout the Seto Inland Sea, was held with Adam Fulford, who has lived in Japan for over 35 years, as the guide. Highlights from the tour will be introduced in this video.
The Murakami clan, referred to as the Murakami Marine Force or the Murakami Kaizoku, was responsible for maintaining order in trade and distribution in the Seto Inland Sea from the middle of the 14th century. They were also known as highly educated people of culture. The Geiyo Shoto Islands that lie on the Seto Inland sea are dotted with places related to the Murakami clan, and these have been chosen as a Japan Heritage Site by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.