Kawaguchiko Lake in Yamanashi is the place you can see “Upside-down Mt. Fuji”

Sep 09 2020
Sep 09 2020

One of places you can enjoy amazing Mt. Fuji

Kawaguchiko Lake

Kawaguchiko Lake is 2 hours away from Tokyo. It is the second biggest lake of Fuji Five Lakes and many
shops and hotels are gathered along with the coastline. In addition, this lake is the most popular lake of five lakes because you can see the beautiful landscape of Mt. Fuji in a sunshiny day. Furthermore, there is the reflection of Mt. Fuji in the lake and this “Upside-down Mt. Fuji” is specially called “Sakasa Fuji” in Japanese.

The ship tour shows more beautiful sights of Kawaguchiko Lake

Ensoleille Kawaguchiko Lake

You can enjoy the ship tour in Kawaguchiko Lake. This classical ship “Ensoleille”, which means sunny in
French, is operated everyday throughout a year, departing every 30 minutes. The tour is about 20 minutes and you can enjoy the marvelous view of Mt. Fuji and mountain and lake sceneries.

Don’t miss the small island!

Unoshima Island

During cruising of Kawaguchiko Lake, you will see the one small island. This is the only island in Fuji Five
Lakes and called “Unoshima Island”. Unfortunately today, the only way to land this island is rowing a small boat by yourself, but still you can enjoy the view of the tiny greenish island on the ship. According to the research, the residential remains between14,000 BC and 300 AD was found. In addition, there is a shrine and the festival is held every April 25th. Recommended season to visit Kawaguchiko Lake is in April when cherry blossoms are full bloom. Also May is the season of fresh verdure and the weather is calm and warm too.


From Tokyo, there is a bus directly goes to Kawaguchiko Lake wihtin 2 hours. The bus departs at Shinjuku Station. This is the easiest and fastest way.
Address: 4034 Funazu, Fuji-Kawaguchiko-cho, Minami-Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0301(Ship Tour)
Tel:+81-(0)555-72-0029 (Ship Tour)

Kawaguchiko Lake Yamanashi

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