Are You Pondering Getting Engaged? Lotte Arai Resort Offers You A Romantic Getaway!

Nov 11 2019
Mar 10 2020

You have been romantically involved with your partner for six months now. While you dislike getting up early, your partner is an early riser. You take your coffee with ample amounts of milk, but your partner likes it rich and black. Yet on dates, you share a passion for outdoor activities and travel. While you don’t like the way your partner leaves shoes tossed about the house, you have to admit that the words of encouragement they share with you always give you the lift you need. As you have spent more and more time together, you have learned about and come to accept each other. Lately, you find yourself thinking this person might be the one. Yet before taking the plunge, you want to know more about that special someone and share more experiences together.

If that sounds like you, a trip together is ideal.

Experts agree that taking a unique trip out of the everyday is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your partner and forge deeper bonds together. Why not act a little impulsively and take the opportunity to travel?

Three Reasons You Should Invite Your Engagement-Conscious Partner On A Trip

couple trip

Learn more about each other’s planning skills and flexibility

People have different approaches to travel: some like to create a detailed itinerary before going, while others like to decide on the spot once at their destination. Others plan only the general outlines of a trip and let the rest fall into place once they arrive. Both adapting to your partner’s schedule and taking time to pursue activities separately have their charms -- the question is whether you can mutually agree on how to go about it. A trip together lets you learn more about your partner’s personality and whether you are equipped to compromise with them.

In addition, trips are fraught with unexpected occurrences. You can learn more about each other’s ability to adapt when things do not go to plan, and whether you are able to enjoy the experience in spite of setbacks. Overcoming adversity together will give you confidence in your ability to spend a life together.

See your partner’s true self

After traveling for an entire day and seeing the sights, fatigue sets in. This is when you may start to grow frustrated with each other and show another side of yourselves. You may even lash out and fight, not taking your partner’s feelings into account. On other occasions, your partner may gently care for you when you are fatigued and show a new, softer side.
In either case, taking an experience out of the ordinary allows you to better understand your partner’s values and build closer ties.

Experiencing something out of the everyday

A trip will take you out of your comfort zone and see you going somewhere new and different. Sharing this experience together can be very special. Many couples like to exercise or jog together, but an even better way to avail yourself of a trip is to engage in some unusual activities available only there. Your partner will lend you a hand and look gallant guiding you through the process. Or maybe your partner will struggle and fail, looking a bit cute and helpless in the process.

In this way, taking a trip together is full of excellent opportunities for you to better visualize your married life together.

For this visit, we took a trip to the Lotte Arai Resort, which holds a unique reputation as having one of Asia’s #1 destinations of its kind. What might that be, you ask? Read on to find out.

What A Sight! The Lotte Arai Resort Emerges Like A Beacon Out Of The Vast Majesty Of Nature

lotte arai resort

The Lotte Arai Resort is located in Niigata Prefecture and just opened in 2017, making it a brand-new hotel. Noted for a ski slope where you can engage in freeriding in winter, this destination also boasts one of Asia’s longest leisure destinations of its kind – read on to find out what that is! With that as our goal, we departed in September, when Japan is neither too hot nor too cold.


Once the Lotte Hotels & Resorts sign came into view, it was about five minutes by car until we arrived. The grounds are so spacious that you are almost unsure which building to head for. This is a perfect opportunity to work together.

Entrance & Lobby



The stylish exterior is done up in a European-style and greets you with a spacious lobby and atrium. There are seasonal paintings decorating the space.

Luxuriate in spacious guest rooms

guest room

This is the room we chose to stay in. It was very spacious and exceedingly clean and well-cared for. They offer both bathrobes and yukata robes. You could use the bathrobe after bathing, and then opt for the yukata in lieu of pajamas. Unusual for a hotel in Japan, even the smallest class of room has ample space to fully open your suitcase and unpack. There is no worry of running out of room here.

presidential suite

Incidentally, the hotel has seven suites. They were gracious enough to show us the presidential suite, their most luxurious room. The suite comes with an enormous bedroom and dining room, and is the only suite with its own kitchen. The sense of gravitas and luxury was extraordinary. I told myself that this would be the room I’d stay in once I tie the knot.


Presidential suite bedroom

living room

Presidential suite living room

Thoughtful amenities


The amenities are provided by Italian brand Davines, and are organic. I was quite excited at the prospect of using these high-quality amenities! A lovely aroma of essential oils wafted off my skin after taking a bath. These lovely scents may just get you in the mood in the evening, too.


There were also considerate touches like outlets by the headboard

A spacious relaxation area

relaxation area

The hallways also have stylish rest areas. You could relax here together before a meal, or you could spend some time here while you wait for your partner to return from the hot springs.


A stylish bookshelf that you’ll almost want to post on social media

A zipline tour that is Asia’s longest!

zip tour

After unpacking our luggage, it was time for the foremost destination of the trip -- Asia’s longest zipline, clocking in at 1,501 meters. You descend from 950 meters above sea level down to 710 meters in the span of three minutes. The zipline reaches a top speed of 100km/h. A light person could easily reach a speed of 80km/h. This activity may be a bit intimidating alone, but would be just the thing to try if you have your partner by your side. Incidentally, if luck prevails, you can see raccoons, bears, and deer down below.

Taking part in the zipline activity

Step 1: Weigh yourself

weight scale

To ensure you meet the requirement, you must first step on a scale. Fear not: it only displays yes/no, with no numbers.
*If you are over 100kg, you exceed the limit.

ready to start

The staff carefully walk you through the process of wearing helmets and harnesses, and how to operate the brakes.

Step 2: Boarding the demo zip

training course

Training course

You begin by practicing on a simple course.

Once you learn the right posture and how to handle the brakes, you’re ready for the big mountain!

The ascent is about 20 minutes by car. On our way up, a staff member shared with us details about Niigata. Some of the details we learned included:

 - Niigata is famous for Koshihikari rice, but another must-try is Shinnosuke rice.
 - Between June and November, the APA Resort Joetsu-Myoko hosts a large-scale projection mapping event offering 360 degrees of sound and light. - It takes about an hour to walk the grounds, but there are only two restrooms along the way, so heading to the restroom first would be best.
 - In October, the Lotte Arai Resort hosts the Tree Adventure program, which involves an athletic approach to climbing trees on the grounds. The person who completes the course the fastest receives a 100,000 JPY prize. The trick seems to be rhythmically hooking and unhooking your harness to move through the trees.

If your partner manages to win the 100,000 JPY in this show of strength, it’s sure to rekindle your fondness for them. If they come in last, find the humor in it and be sure to rib them.

Step 3: Time for the main event!

starting point

Lastly, you arrive at the starting point for the real zipline.

starting point

Looking down from above, it’s quite high up.

Seeing the plunging depths, this author, who is not fond of theme park rides that launch your body into orbit, gulped with fear

Without further ado, we were off!

Traveling fast is one thing, but plunging into the fog is even scarier.

There are two ziplines, so you can launch as a duo, although one of you may be a bit behind the other. Incidentally, the zipline was a stable descent down, so my fears about it making me bounce up were unfounded. (Phew.)

There are few other experiences that allow you to experience the vastness of nature from this height.

Sharing this brisk, invigorating experience together is sure to be the ultimate chapter in your relationship. The lack of barriers, like you’d find in a Ferris wheel or airplane, lets you see an unbroken view of nature.

Though a bit daunting, once you head off, just keep your eyes open and experience the unbelievable 360 degree panorama.

Incidentally, the oldest participant in this activity was 80 years old! I hope that I, too, can grow old with my partner and continue finding the fun in activities like this.


  • Using the brakes while in motion causes you to come to a total halt, so you should refrain from using these until you reach the end. About once a day, one group manages to get stuck in mid-air and requires a rescue team!
  • You have to keep a lever that controls your speed held all the way through the final destination. This means that if you want to take a photograph or video, it may be difficult to both pull the lever and hold a camera. Due to the risk of dropping it, you are encouraged to ask another person for help or attach the camera to your helmet with tape.

After a bit of exercise, head back for a delicious meal and the hot springs

Hoshizora Onsen

hoshizora onsen

A must-do when it comes to resorts is the hot springs! (In this author’s personal opinion.) Hoshizora Onsen offers natural hot springs bubbling up from 1,750 meters below ground. The light alkaline content is rich in minerals that are good for the skin and will make it super soft. The open-air bath lets you look up at the sky and feel a cool breeze on your cheeks while you soak away the fatigue of the day.


Cuisine is an unmissable part of a good travel experience, and the hotel offers you a wide range of options to choose from. We got quite a workout from the zipline, so we indulged in a hearty meal.


The Plate

The restaurant serves food in a buffet style, with a selection of over 100 Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes. You will also find a wide range of desserts on offer. Outdoor terrace seating is also available in summer -- after stepping out of the bath, say a toast together over a cool drink outside!


Asahi Japanese Cuisine

Perfect for those seeking to savor Japanese cuisine. Niigata is famous for its delicious rice, so it may offer a change of pace from the rice you are accustomed to eating in Tokyo. Proper sake is also indispensable for a Japanese meal, and it looks and tastes even better when served in a lovely cup.

bakery café

Bakery Café

We indulged a bit at night, so we decided to stop by the Bakery Café for a light breakfast the following day. The charming aesthetic is the perfect atmosphere when dropping in for a quick bite.

Ruri Bar and Lounge

ruri bar and lounge

Ruri Bar and Lounge

While many families stay at the hotel, the bar and lounge is a private getaway for adults. The Ruri Bar and Lounge lets you gaze at the lovely mountains while looking back on the time you’ve shared with that special someone. If you are staying for an extended length of time, making it a habit to stop by the bar before dinner would also be quite chic.

Make An Interesting Hotel The Centerpiece Of Your Trip

lotte arai resort

While the weather forecast called for rain, it was only cloudy. We took the zipline tour for a thrilling jaunt through the fog, a truly unique experience.

There were many other sights to see, such as a pool with adjacent cafe, as well as a space with bouldering walls, square trampolines, and fun-walls. There is also a library-cafe with 1,300 quality books lining the shelves, and even a winery. You will find these and other charming getaways where you can spend time with your partner. Once you have decided to tie the knot, you might even like to share with your guests a video of the pre-marital days spent at Lotte Arai Resort as you look back on your courtship – so be sure to take photos and video throughout your stay.

This was a truly exquisite mountain resort brimming with luxury every step of the way -- so much so that it would be a fitting place to have your significant other pop the question.

Lotte Arai Resort Niigata

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