Want to travel back in time? Go to Kurashiki, Okayama!

Jul 31 2020
Jul 31 2020

"Kurashiki" is the area in Okayama prefecture, West side of Japan. Many classical storehouses stand along with the canal and the whole area shows how the town looked like during Edo Period (1603-1867). Fancy shops and restaurants are gathered and it is fun to ramble in sunny days.

The area surrounded by traditional architectures


Photograph provided by 岡山県観光連盟

One of the highlights about Kurashiki is many traditional storehouses with white walls and black tiles that two colors' contrast is so vivid. You will see how Japanese houses used to look like. "Kurashiki River "runs in the area and boatmen with a quaint hat take tourist to show a view of riverbanks. Both seasons of cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in fall are recommended. The activity called “Kurashiki Kawabune Nagashi” is popular for Japanese tourist too.

The fun place to stroll and shopping


Photograph provided by 岡山県観光連盟

Kurashiki was developed during 17th century with the influence of trading culture. Various products were brought via river and that is why many storehouses were built. Today the exterior of storehouse is preserved under good conditions, that the tourist can feel they traveled back into the past. On the other hand, the interior is renovated and you can enjoy traditional crafts and trendy goods. Some shops offer Japanese traditional clothing, "Yukata" so you can try and take photos with historical landscapes.

Enjoy delicious fruits and local foods

fruits parfait

The main street runs along with Kurashiki River but there are also small streets running through the area and it is fun to stroll down. Kurashiki is in Okayama prefecture and this prefecture is known for fruits. So some coffee shops offer artistic desserts with seasonal fruits. Kurashiki is a popular sightseeing place and some restaurants are very aesthetic. You can enjoy the elaborate local Japanese cuisine with historical atmosphere.

How to visit?

From Tokyo, it is about 80 minutes to Okayama Airport by an airplane. From Okayama Airport, take the airport bus to Kurashiki Station for 35 minutes. From Kurashiki Station, the historical area is a 15-minute walk.
Address:2-23-18, AKi, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 710-0055
(Tourist Information in Kurashiki Jan.15 2018 – Aug.31 2019)

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area Okayama

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