Enjoy a Peaceful Visit to Daikanyama’s Best Kept Secret

Sep 16 2020
Sep 16 2020

Tokyo offers some great places to enjoy a relaxing time to escape bustle of the city. Especially, Daikanyama is a unique hidden gem full of stylish shops and cafes.

Located between Naka-meguro, Ebisu and Shibuya and a short walk from any of those stations, Daikanyama is a popular weekend destination for locals and one of Tokyo’s hippest areas.

Quiet and Unique Places in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world with so much excitement in every corner of the city. However, it is not just the endless skyscrapers and metropolitan vibes that the city has to offer. If you looking to step off the beaten path in Tokyo you don’t even have to leave the city, there are secret spots where you can spend a quiet time and discover another face of Tokyo.

### Todoroki Ravine Park

Todoroki Ravine Park

Photograph provided by Tokyo Convention&Visitors Bureau

Todoroki Ravine is a secret escape from the busy streets. Located a mere 30 minutes from Shibuya, it is the only valley in Tokyo and the nature-rich path runs for 0.7 mi (1.2 km). You can enjoy a peaceful walk along the path next to the small river listening to the soothing sound of bamboo leaves and the trickling stream. If you want to get some fresh air, Todoroki Ravine is the best place to refresh your mind and soul. You will feel as if you are hundreds of miles away from bustling Tokyo!

Access to Todoroki Ravine Park
From Tokyo Station
Take a JR Keihintohoku Line bound for Kamata. Get off at Oimachi Station (6 stops, 15 minutes). Change to a Tokyo-Oimachi Line train bound for Mizunokuchi. Then get off at Todoroki Station (12 stops, 19 minutes). The Todoroki Ravine Park is about a 10-minute walk away from the Station.

Todoroki Ravine Park
Address:1 Chome-22 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0082
Tel: +81 3-3704-4972

Todoroki Keikoku Valley Tokyo City

Hibiya Koen Park

Hibiya Koen Park

Photograph provided by © TCVB

Adjacent to the southern moat of the Imperial Palace, Hibiya Koen Park is a spacious, quiet public park with carefully maintained greens and flower beds. It was Japan’s first Western-style public park opened in 1903 has been loved by the people of Tokyo as an oasis from the concrete jungle ever since. The park entertains visitors with its charms any time of the year, however autumn is a particularly good time to visit as hundreds of years-old ginko trees reveal their golden leaves.

Access to Hibiya Koen Park
From Tokyo Station
Take a Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line bound for Ogikubo. Get off at Kasumigaseki Station (2 stops, 5 minutes). The Hibiya Koen Park is just a 6-minute walk from the station.

Hibiya Koen Park
Address:Hibiyakoen, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0012
Tel: +81 3-3501-6428

Hibiya Koen Park Tokyo City

Daikanyama, a Peaceful Escape to the Hidden Gem

Daikanyama is full of stylish cafes and restaurants, and unique design studios and boutiques featuring up and coming artists. The small winding pedestrian only streets are perfect to explore and only a 15 minute walk from the world famous busy Shibuya intersection. The low rise architecture gives Daikanyama a relaxed vibe, the ideal place to go for a relaxing stroll.

Top Things to Do in Daikanyama

Hillside Terrace

Hillside Terrace is an architectural multi-purpose complex located next to Daikanyama Station. The building hosts a selection of fashion boutiques, cafes, restaurants and exhibition galleries.It was built by a well-known architect Fumihiko Maki who participated in the construction of the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Sendagaya and the unique Spiral Building in Omotesando.The shops in the Hillside Terrace offer a variety of quality items and you can find some nice ideas for souvenirs. There are always different exhibitions and events going on in the Art Front Gallery which is not to be missed either. Removed from the bustle of the street, Daikanyama Hillside Terrace is a perfect place to hang out and unwind for an afternoon.



One of Daikanyama’s most famous landmarks, the T-Site, which took its name from the Japanese book store Tsutaya, is a uniquely designed complex with the concept being of a library in the woods. The T-Site is a great place to relax with a coffee and read a good book or a magazine, and they have plenty for you to choose from with a 180 foot long (55 meter) “magazine street” cutting through all 3 of the buildings in the complex. If you look at the buildings from the outside there is a large letter T stretching across the building that is made up of smaller interlocking T’s.

Daikanyama T-SITE Tokyo City

Saigoyama Park

If you would prefer to sit outside and have a picnic rather than eat at one of Daikanyama’s plethora of trendy cafes or restaurants, then Saigoyama Park is the perfect spot for you. Only a 10 minute walk from Daikanyama Station this hilltop park offers nice views across the city perfect for watching the sunset. If you are lucky, on a clear day you can even see Mount Fuji in the distance

Kyu Asakura House

After you have strolled around the pleasant streets of Daikanyama you can take in some history at the Kyu Asakura House. This house was constructed in 1919 by Torajiro Asakura and survived the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and even the Second World War. This excellent example of Taisho-era (1912-1926) architecture was designated as an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese government in 2004 and is run by the Shibuya City government now.

Kyu Asakura is worth a visit for a glance at how the wealthy and privileged lived and the wooden architecture and meticulously manicured Japanese gardens are beautiful at any time of year.

Quiet & Stylish Cafes in Daikanyama


Daikanyama is home to a variety of good cafes where you can have a relaxing time. Try some of these below and find your favorite!


Looking like a nothing more than a stylish quaint house from outside, BOMBAY BAZAR is located in on the basement floor of a clothing shop. It opened more than 20 years ago and is one of the first organic cafes in Japan. They carefully select their ingredients to offer customers safe, reliable, delicious meals. The atmosphere in the café is so relaxing you will never want to leave!


Located just a 3-minute walk from Daikanyama Station, SPRING VALLEY BREWERY is a great spot to enjoy an afternoon tipple. The brewery offers freshly brewed beer with limited taps that change regularly. They also serve delicious food to pair with your beer, from small nibbles to juicy steaks. The most popular choice here is the tasting set of the 6 types of beer with small appetizers. Why not make a stop here and try some refreshing beer while you’re in Daikanyama?

Step Away from the Bustling Streets of Tokyo and Explore This Hidden Gem

Daikanyama is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful stroll through the stylish shops and cafes for an afternoon. If you are looking for a secret quiet spot off the beaten path in Tokyo, why not make your way to this hidden gem!


From Tokyo Station:
Take a JR Yamanote Line bound for Shinagawa and Shibuya. Get off at Shibuya Station and change to Tokyu Toyoko Line bound for Motomachi and Chukagai. Daikanyama Station is just one stop away.

From Shinjuku Station:
Take a Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line bound for Ikebukuro. Get off at Shinjuku 3-Chome Station and change to a Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line bound for Motomachi and Chukagai. Daikanyama Station is 4 stops away.

Daikanyama Station
Address: 19-4 Daikanyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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