Winter illuminations in and around Tokyo 2019/2020

Dec 23 2019
Mar 29 2020

Christmas is upon us and the city of lights, a.k.a Tokyo, is now glowing with winter illuminations! Whether you’re visiting Tokyo for the Christmas holidays or are already here, don’t miss out on the chance to see them - they are sure to make you go “WOW”!
Here are our top recommended spots to enjoy the winter illuminations in and around Tokyo.

Easy Access / No Admission

For those who prefer easy access to illuminations and want to enjoy them for free, we picked some of the best places to see the amazing winter displays in Tokyo, perfect for stopping by while you’re out shopping or getting dinner.

Aonodokutsu Shibuya (The Blue Cave)


Until Dec 31
Aonodokutsu Shibuya (The Blue Cave) is an illumination event where about 600,000 blue LEDs illuminate whole streets from Yoyogi Koen Park to Shibuya Park Street. Spanning over 800m, the blue cave is one of the highlights of Shibuya during winter and is a particularly popular place for couples. A variety of lighting movements take place to keep visitors entertained, such as the lights rippling along the tree-lined path from the back or a random flashing effect.

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Google Pixel Presents Omotesando Magic Illumination


Until Dec 25
Omotesando Magic illumination is one of Tokyo’s most popular winter light displays. Between Omotesando and Harajuku station, over 1km of trees are decorated with 900,000 champagne-gold LEDs. The lights create a magical atmosphere, amplified by the sparkling light show, which takes place on the hour, every hour, between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

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Yebisu Garden Place Winter Illumination


Until Feb 24th
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Yebisu Garden Place winter display.
At 5m tall and 3m wide, the Baccarat chandelier is one of the largest chandeliers in the world and is the main highlight of the event. The chandelier is accompanied by a towering Christmas tree, making it the perfect photo-opportunity. The surrounding area also has a great reputation for its food, making it convenient to get dinner after seeing the illumination.

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The Massive Illumination displays

To see the largest illumination displays, we recommend you visit the light shows that are held in amusement parks. After spending the day enjoying the attractions in the amusement parks, you can finish the day with a beautiful winter display.

Sagamiko Illumillion Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest


Until Apr 5th
Held at Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest (Kanagawa prefecture), Sagamiko Illumillion is the largest illumination event in the Kanto region. With an estimated 5 million LEDs, there is some beautiful artwork to be seen throughout the park. Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest is a fun and active way to get out and enjoy yourself. It’s the perfect crossover of outdoor nature and an amusement park, providing fun and entertainment all day long!

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Hikari No Sumika (Toki No Sumika Winter Illumination)


Until Mar 15th
Hikari no sumika is held at the Gotenba Kogen Resort Toki no Sumika. It is located near the foot of Mt. Fuji, in Shizuoka Prefecture. The resort is famous for its winter illuminations. The theme of this year’s main event is “Hope -over the lights-”. The laser fountain show that takes place at the Royal Palace Hill and the newest attraction, “Light of Magic Wonder Circus” is certainly not to miss!

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Sound Illumination in Tsumagoi


Until Jun 30th
The Tsumagoi Resort Saino Sato in Shizuoka prefecture holds a special “Sound illumination” event each year. The venue is made up of 11 different artworks with a total of 2 million lights, creating an extraordinary atmosphere in the resort. It is also a great destination to turn into a stay-over trip - the resort has leisure.

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Izu Kogen Grand Illumination


Until Aug 30th
The Grand Illumination at Izu Granpal Park won 3rd place in the 2019 illumination awards. Shows take place every 10 minutes where the light illuminations dance in sync with sound. A zip line is also available to see the breathtaking illuminations from a different perspective. Don’t miss out on the new attraction, go-karting through a track surrounded by dinosaurs!

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