I was born and raised in Kyoto, In a sense, I am a Kyoto expert. As for Ninja, now I live in Shiga pref. which has ninja village in the east. I do want introduce this special place

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I am a government-certified tour guide who has more than 8 year experience. I had many great feed backs of my tours , which makes me very happy to do this job. I spent almost all my life in Kyoto, which is an ancient capital in Japan. So I know every corner of the city. Two years ago, I moved to Otsu city, which is very close to Kyoto. And I found this place has a lot of nice places. Among them, probably, the most interesting place among foreign visitors is Ninja village. I hope you can enjoy such a place.

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This tour is very educative. The guide is very knowlegeable and I could find a jewel in a regional area.