【Teaser Trip】Shiga/Samurai castle Hikone

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Samurai castle in Hikone was made at the beginning of 17th century by the samurai lord in the important position of Shogunate. You will find some mechanism to protect against attackers. On the other hand, it has a beautiful garden to be relaxed seeing the castle tower on top of the hill.
We begin the tour from the entrance road, then, museum, restored front palace, stone walls, the castle tower, the garden, and the restaurant and shopping street in front of the castle

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    Samurai castle Hikone ( National Treasure )

    The castle we will visit is the one made by the samurai lord who was trusted very much by Shogun ( the ruler ). You will find some ways to protect the castle for just in case, and take a glimpse of living space of the lord. We explore the inside of the 400 year-old castle tower. and finally we visit the beautiful garden attached to the castle. Last part, you get a little introduction of the shopping road


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This tour is very educative. The guide is very knowlegeable and I could find a jewel in a regional area.


I was born and raised in Kyoto, In a sense, I am a Kyoto expert. As for Ninja, now I live in Shiga pref. which has ninja village in the east. I do want introduce this special place

I am a government-certified tour guide who has more than 8 year experience. I had many great feed backs of my tours , which makes me very happy to do this job. I spent almost all my life in Kyoto, which is an ancient capital in Japan. So I know every corner of the city. Two years ago, I moved to Otsu city, which is very close to Kyoto. And I found this place has a lot of nice places. Among them, probably, the most interesting place among foreign visitors is Ninja village. I hope you can enjoy such a place.

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