Castle Freak, Professional ex Railway Worker/Enthusiast Tour Guide

German, English
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
Likes and interests
Music, History, Traditional Culture, Nature・Scenery, Outdoor・Sports, Gourmet, Technology, Art and Architecture, Manga・Anime, Sake, Fashion, Cooking, Animals, Crafts, Movies
Top 3 favorite foods
Nagoya-meshi, Hida-beef, Soba
Area of residence
Countries where I have lived
Great Britain, Japan
KANSAI Tourism Bureau
About Mediator
Since I completely retired from my position at a railway company and started being involved in the tour guide interpreter business, I have experienced almost all types of guiding through FIT, Long Group Tours, Cruises (Shore Excursions), Incentive Tours, Special Interest Tours (Railway Travel, Pilgrimages), Familiarization Tours (Sales Promotion Tours) etc. However, I noticed that I am not fully satisfied to only be a general guide who just manages a tour itinerary provided by tour agents/clients. High-end guests have sometimes requested me to answer some enquiries that are actually challenging to answer for Japanese nationals. However, I appreciated those because they provided such a challenge and I felt that they wanted to understand my sense of beauty/values as a guide concerning a new culture for them. Every time I host my guest I do my best to prepare the most appropriate information based on three travel elements (appetite, logistics, accommodation). Nevertheless, I decided to aim for higher guiding skills after I was motivated by senior guides whose guiding strategies and gestures were particularly impressive.

Experience/Personal History

  • JR TOKAI (Central Japan Railway Company)

    1981 - 07

    Since I got the National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter Certificate (English) in FY2013, I have been honored to have gained the A-grade※ inscription given by the Japan Guide Association in July 2020, after a well-balanced (both in quality and quantity) guide-interpreting experience.TOEIC® L&R Test 800 score as of 2021.
    Total 432 days guided as of 11 Jan 2023, among those were 155 days in 2019 (before pandemic). They (155 days) included the following 7 thru-guiding long-term group tours 21 days × 1 + 14 days × 1 + 13 days × 3 + 10 days × 1 +8days×1=92 days
    (Segment)(Cases2019) Total  High-End VIP  Group Cruise
    ① MICE・Exchange      11    ―   5   ―   ―
    ② Tour Guide-Interpreter    48   11   3  4   7
    ③ Special Interest Tour   28    ―    ―  3   ―
    ④ Business Interpreter   17    ―   1   ―   3
    During my Central Japan Railway (JR-Central, CJR) working days until my complete retirement in June 2018, I worked mainly for international, tourism and MICE sections as follows
    ・CJR London office representative (3 years 1990-93): Reception of Official Guests from Japan and European railways,Diversification of off-rail business in Europe – including the opening of Japanese restaurant ’MATSURI ’in London in 1993 (later Michelin Guide listed until 2016)
    ・Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition: Promotion and sales of EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN tickets – contributed to attracting 22.04 million visitors (Target:15 million)
    ・Central Japan Tourism Promotion Association (now DMO): Project starting member of SHORYUDO - joint promotion of 9 prefectures in Central Japan Region for inbound/domestic tourists
    ・Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau: Grant program for MICE (International Conferences, Meetings, Incentive tours Exhibition/Events)
    ・JR Tokai Tours, inc.: Tour planner and leader of the CJR Kyoto campaign tour
    Book(s) written: GUIDE TEXT, Japan Guide Association 2016 (joint authorship): Nagoya, Shirakawa-Go, Kumano Pilgrimage Route


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