Castle Freak, Professional ex Railway Worker/Enthusiast Tour Guide

ドイツ語, 英語
映画, ハンドメイド, 動物, 料理, ファッション, お酒, 漫画・アニメ, 建築, 技術(家電・AI・VRなど), グルメ, アウトドア・スポーツ, 自然・景観, 伝統文化, 歴史, 音楽
Nagoya-meshi, Hida-beef, Soba
Great Britain, Japan
About Mediator
Since I completely retired from my position at a railway company and started being involved in the tour guide interpreter business, I have experienced almost all types of guiding through FIT, Long Group Tours, Cruises (Shore Excursions), Incentive Tours, Special Interest Tours (Railway Travel, Pilgrimages), Familiarization Tours (Sales Promotion Tours) etc. However, I noticed that I am not fully satisfied to only be a general guide who just manages a tour itinerary provided by tour agents/clients. High-end guests have sometimes requested me to answer some enquiries that are actually challenging to answer for Japanese nationals. However, I appreciated those because they provided such a challenge and I felt that they wanted to understand my sense of beauty/values as a guide concerning a new culture for them. Every time I host my guest I do my best to prepare the most appropriate information based on three travel elements (appetite, logistics, accommodation). Nevertheless, I decided to aim for higher guiding skills after I was motivated by senior guides whose guiding strategies and gestures were particularly impressive.


  • JR TOKAI (Central Japan Railway Company)

    1981 - 07

    Since I got the National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter Certificate (English) in FY2013, I have been honored to have gained the A-grade※ inscription given by the Japan Guide Association in July 2020, after a well-balanced (both in quality and quantity) guide-interpreting experience.TOEIC® L&R Test 800 score as of 2021.
    Total 432 days guided as of 11 Jan 2023, among those were 155 days in 2019 (before pandemic). They (155 days) included the following 7 thru-guiding long-term group tours 21 days × 1 + 14 days × 1 + 13 days × 3 + 10 days × 1 +8days×1=92 days
    (Segment)(Cases2019) Total  High-End VIP  Group Cruise
    ① MICE・Exchange      11    ―   5   ―   ―
    ② Tour Guide-Interpreter    48   11   3  4   7
    ③ Special Interest Tour   28    ―    ―  3   ―
    ④ Business Interpreter   17    ―   1   ―   3
    During my Central Japan Railway (JR-Central, CJR) working days until my complete retirement in June 2018, I worked mainly for international, tourism and MICE sections as follows
    ・CJR London office representative (3 years 1990-93): Reception of Official Guests from Japan and European railways,Diversification of off-rail business in Europe – including the opening of Japanese restaurant ’MATSURI ’in London in 1993 (later Michelin Guide listed until 2016)
    ・Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition: Promotion and sales of EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN tickets – contributed to attracting 22.04 million visitors (Target:15 million)
    ・Central Japan Tourism Promotion Association (now DMO): Project starting member of SHORYUDO - joint promotion of 9 prefectures in Central Japan Region for inbound/domestic tourists
    ・Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau: Grant program for MICE (International Conferences, Meetings, Incentive tours Exhibition/Events)
    ・JR Tokai Tours, inc.: Tour planner and leader of the CJR Kyoto campaign tour
    Book(s) written: GUIDE TEXT, Japan Guide Association 2016 (joint authorship): Nagoya, Shirakawa-Go, Kumano Pilgrimage Route