Japanese Culture Lover with certificates

Japanese, English
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter
Likes and interests
Music, Traditional Culture, Fashion, Nature・Scenery, Gourmet, Art and Architecture, Cooking
Top 3 favorite foods
Thai food, Sweets, Sushi
Area of residence
Countries where I have lived
New Zealand and Japan, Canada
About Mediator
Available to offer experiences of playing Japanese traditional music instrumental "Koto" as well as making a cup of ceremonial tea with wearing Kimono.(The size of Kimono is limited, since the variety of furnished items are limited. If the guest brought Kimono on her/his own, then I can help wearing the Kimono. For formal Kimono, some specific parts are highly required. So, in case of wearing Kimono experience, arrangement beforehand is necessary.) I have certificates of Koto and Tea ceremony. In addition, my father who lives in my hometown is a teacher of tea ceremony and flower arrangement. It depends on the date though, accommodating for your shopping of Japanese goods including Kimono and tea ceremony tools are also available. I used to work as a sales clerk of female clothes in expensive price range as well as art, I can give advices on the items. Since I have no car with me, trains or buses would be the transportation for traveling to somewhere from my place. I am a certified interpreter guide in English who has knowledge of interior and architecture, since I am a certified interior coordinator graduated from architectural course.

Experience/Personal History

  • There are so many occupations in 10 years

    1988 - 04

    Since after graduation from college for 2 years, I worked for many companies with many occupations including sales representative in Canada. It made me hand-on person, I reckon.

  • Receptionist, sales clerk and tour coordinator

    1998 - 04

    Worked as a receptionist in English school, as a sales clerk in fabulous souvenir shop and as a tour coordinator in local school for Japanese students in NZ

  • Dispatched personnel for various jobs while studying in a university for Japanese teaching and English

    1999 - 04

    Worked as a dispatched personnel for various jobs while backing to university.

  • Secretary to CEO, bookkeeper and so on in a personnel dispatch company

    2007 - 09

    There were so many things to do. It was so busy work place, but it was also fun to work with Filipinos who are so nice.

  • Studied in a Vocational Training School for Trade administration

    2010 - 10

    Studied in a Vocational Training School for Trade administration. At the end of the semester, the Tohoku earthquake (March 11, 2011) hit Japan.

  • Translator in a business company

    2011 - 01

    Working as a translator in a business company for a year. It was my second time to work for purchasing department in automotive related company.

  • Assistant for several business companies

    2012 - 08

    Worked as an assistant for several business companies including foreign affiliated ones.

  • Assistant for a sales unit in IT company

    2015 - 12

    Worked in a sales unit in IT company as an assistant for more than 4 years. It was nice to have experienced to work with Indian engineers who are happy people.

  • Interpreter and translator in a business company

    2019 - 10

    Since Oct. 2019, working as an interpreter and translator in a business company. It is happy to work with coworkers who are diligent and warm hearted. The status has changed from temporary worker to direct hired personnel from Oct. 2023.


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