Akabaka Beach

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Akabaka Beach is a hidden gem of beautiful scenery located in the northwestern part of Okinawa Island. The grains of sand on this beach are relatively large compared to others, so the sand doesn't float well in the water. This leads to a high degree of transparency, and on sunny days the sea water is especially clear, leading to a beautiful gradation. Due to this, the beach is often used as a filming location for music videos and dramas. Because it's surrounded by large slabs of limestone, the waves are relatively gentle, and visitors can enjoy snorkeling from the beach all the way to the edge of the reef. There is no shade at the beach, so it's a good idea for visitors planning to stay a long time to bring something to block the sun, such as a tent or parasol.

*There is water for showering available for purchase (two liters for JPY 100) and paid portable toilets (JPY 100).

1.0 Hour
Telephone Number
Postal code
Shoshi, Kunigami-gun Nakijinson, Okinawa
沖縄県国頭郡今帰仁村諸志 赤墓ビーチ
Recommended season
July, August

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