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Bihoro Pass is located in Akan Mashu National Park. The Route 243 of the mountain pass has an elevation of 525m so it is a famous spot for providing fascinating view to tourists. From the route, you can see Japan’s largest caldera lake “Lake Kussharo” from all different angles.  Many tourists visit Bihoro Pass with their bicycles or motorcycles to view the beautiful nature of the park. Bihoro Pass offers distinct colorful sceneries each season. Sometimes, when the weather conditions are good, people can even observe sea of clouds at there. 
There is a roadside station in Bihoro Pass called “360 Panorama Bihoro Pass.”  It is ranked the 16th for the “Best roadside stations to visit” ranking published by TripAdvisor. Next to the roadside station, there is an observatory where one can see the landscape of Kussharo caldera, Mount Io, and Wakoto Peninsula all at the same time. On sunny days, you can even see the Shiretoko mountain range. 

Usually, from November to April, the road becomes very slippery because of snow. If one is not an experienced driver in winter, taking a taxi is recommended instead. Depending on the weather conditions, Route 243 may be closed, so checking weather and traffic information in advance is highly recommended.

1.0 Hour
Telephone Number
Postal code
Furuume, Bihoro, Abashiri Gun, Hokkaido
北海道網走郡美幌町古梅 美幌峠
Recommended season
May, June, July, August, September

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