Forest Adventure Misato

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The Forest Adventure Misato in Kumamoto Prefecture is an adventure park that is modeled on the Altus facilities in France. It allows children and adults to climb trees and engage in various activities high in the air, such as balancing on ropes, using slides, and many more. Participants need to take care of their safety. The facility design uses the original trees from the forest and tries to limit the impact of the impact on the environment as much as possible. If you are looking to get active while in Kumamoto, check this one out. There are more Forest Adventure parks in other areas of Japan, but this is the only one in Kumamoto.

Telephone Number
Postal code
3083-1 Uneno Misato-machi, Shimomasiki-gun
Method of payment
Cash, Credit Card
Recommended season
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Business Hours
Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday・Thursday・Friday・Saturday・Sunday : 09:00~17:00

Admisson Fee
JPY4600 / Adult

Under 18yrs: JPY 3100

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