Great Seto Bridge

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The Great Seto Bridge is one of the bridges that connects the main island of Honshu to the island of Shikoku via Kagawa prefecture (Shikoku) and Okayama prefecture (Honshu). Running straight through the middle of the many islands scattered throughout the Seto Inland Sea, the bridge is used by cars and trains. The bridge is actually made up of 6 different bridges consisting of suspension bridges, cable-stayed and truss bridges connected together to make one of the biggest collection of bridges in the world. With a total of 37.4km of road, 32.4km of the train track and 9.4km of strait being covered by the bridge, a truly amazing sight. After sunset on Saturdays and other special designated days, the bridge is lit up making for quite the romantic and elegant atmosphere!

1.0 Hour
Telephone Number
Postal code
Bannosu, Sakaide City, Kagawa
香川県坂出市番の州 瀬戸大橋
Method of payment
Cash, Credit Card
Recommended season
March, April, May, July, August

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