Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

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Hieizan Enryakuji Temple is a major Buddhist temple located on the top of Mt. Hiei. It is possible to access the mountain either from Kyoto or from Shiga Prefecture, and in either way you will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view. Enryakuji Temple is one of the most important temples in Japanese history for a number of reasons. It held enormous economic and military power throughout the medieval period which is why it attracted the animosity of Oda Nobunaga in the 16th century. It also served as major training ground for the Buddhist elite during ancient and medieval Japan. It belongs to the Japanese Tendai school which combines different Buddhist traditions and interpretations in one coherent teaching. A number of influential Japanese Buddhist sects that emerged during the 12th and 13th century, including Pure Land Buddhism, were founded by monks who originally trained on Mt. Hiei. They chose specific teachings that were already part of Tendai and reinterpreted them to stand on their own. Enryakuji Temple is a large complex that is spread out over the mountain, so plan enough time if you want to see all of it.

Telephone Number
Postal code
4220 Sakamotohonmachi, Otsu City, Shiga
Recommended season
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Business Hours
Monday・Tuesday・Wednesday・Thursday・Friday・Saturday・Sunday : 08:30~16:30

Admisson Fee
JPY500 / Adult

Age 12-18: JPY 300
Age 6-11: JPY 100
Some facilities charge an additional fee.
Group discounts available.

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