Hitome Senbonzakura Cherry Blossoms / Funaokajoshi Koen Park

Beautiful Scenery Insta-worthy

This is a wonderful hanami spot where both the panoramic view of the cherry blossoms on the embankment of the Shiroishigawa River and the Funaokajoshi Castle Ruins Park can be enjoyed in a single day. Along the embankment of the Shiroishigawa River runs an 4.9-mile-long (eight-kilometer-long) row of cherry blossoms. Moving eastwards towards Funaokajoshi Castle Ruins Park, over 1,000 cherry trees can be viewed. A slope care the reaches the summit at Funaokajoshi Castle Ruins Park operates daily during the blooming season, and this is the only place where the scenery of emerging from a 1148-feet-long(305-meter-long) cherry blossom tunnel can be experienced. Not only this, but the view from the summit of the cherry blossoms along the Shiroishigawa River and on Mt. Zao are picture-perfect!

Photograph provided by Tourism Division, Miyagi Prefecture Government

1.0 Hour
Postal code
Tateyama Funaoka, Shibata, Shibata District, Miyagi
宮城県柴田郡柴田町大字船岡舘山 白石川堤一目千本桜・船岡城址公園
Recommended season
March, April

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